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Floyd Nightlife

doveDance_Free2.jpgDance: Poetry of the foot. ~ John Dyden ~
Since the days of The Surf Ballroom in my amusement park hometown of Hull, Massachusetts, dance has been my body’s native language. I love it the way my husband loves to play soccer, and I treat it like a favorite sport. Resting during the day before dancing, as if preparing for a marathon, when it comes time to go, I fill up a jug of water and make a protein snack to bring along. I like to be prepared to keep my energy level up because if the music is good, I never sit down between songs.

The hardwood floor at The Winter Sun Music Hall in downtown Floyd has just the right slip and slide for a dancer’s feet. I know that because I danced on it 3 times in the past week. Last Friday was our monthly Dance Free; two days later my friends and I danced up a storm to the music of Gaelic Storm; and this past Saturday night marked the debut of Sonic Safari, a new local band, described on the Sun’s Music Hall website this way: “ this 5-piece band has a sound all of their own. Combining jazz, funk, rock and original moves, Sonic Safari will enthrall dancers and listeners alike.”

I recognized an Average White Band and an Allman Brothers song. There was a psychedelic thread running through the jams that broke down the separation of past and present. With my eyes closed and slightly dizzy from spinning, I could have been back at The Surf, dancing in 1969. Occasionally, I opened my eyes, looked around, and smiled at the familiar Floyd faces swaying and twirling all around me, but for the most part, it wasn’t a social activity. I was there to dance.

I feel blessed to have such excellent entertainment right here in our small town of Floyd, and the dancer in me has been lobbying Sonic Safari to be the new Floyd house band.

Photo: Dove, a regular Dance Free participant, clipped from the Winter Sun webpage. Don't sit down yet. There's a monthly Contra Dance, also at the Winter Sun Music Hall, this coming Saturday night. You can check out The Blue Ridge Country Dancers website for more information about the dance.


Oh do I miss dancing. I feel the same way as you, but there isn't that many LIVE bands anymore here in MA. Keep on Dancin'

I used to dance all the time. If my college had offered it as a major, I would have graduated summa cum laude (jitterbug and cha cha...LOL). The girl in the photo sure is having fun!

I guess not knowing how to dance wouldn't keep someone from at least swaying to the music. It seems that modern dance is mostly free style anyway.

I love dancing also but don't do it much anymore. You are an inspiration (again).


I too enjoy the dance floor.. but my hubby is the real dancer in this family. His friends call him the French Travolta. :-)

Sounds like tons o' fun. I was never a very confident dancer, though I do enjoy it on occasion.

Here from Michele's today.

It is amazing how much there is going on in Floyd! How big is the town actually? Cause it sounds like there is something for everyone in the "Arts" and "Entertainment" Area...It also sounds like you have a FABULOUS time, dancing! Good For You!

If "blog synchronicity" means we think alike, you're in a lot of trouble. Dove may not be exactly a Dallas Cheerleader, but she has the requisite exposed belly-button. Why is that, anyway? Who first thought that a bare navel was sexy? I've always favored more rounded female endowments.

I just got carried away and wrote a blog about this belly-button thing. I think I'm becoming more obsessive. Thanks for the inspiration, though.

Floyd's population is around 14,000. But it's a rural county and spread out. I can't even see my neighbors house!

Thank God for music, eh?

Did you ever go to the dance free place in Watertown Square? I went there quite a bit in grad school, where you could do 'interpretive' dance and wear a lot of great hippie garb. It was cool, but I don't think it's there any longer.

As far as I know Dance Free started in Boston, but I'm not sure where. Do you know of Morrie Shwartz from the book "Tuesday with Morrie?" He used to go to Boston's Dance Free. Do you remember The Surf in Nantasket Beach, Hull?

I moved from the area 25 years ago.

We have monthly contra dancing here too. One of this months I swear I'll make it out.

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