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Somebody Upstairs Likes Him

dad in germany 3.png
Elvis Presley...No, it's my dad in Germany during WWII...

These days my dad spends his time playing the lottery, whistling down grocery store aisles, or patronizing the local video store. I like to brag that he has more movie videos than a video store does, and when I told him he should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for his collection (to which he has started to add DVDs), he answered, “I just want the pain, not the fame.” Everyone knows to leave him alone on Tuesdays. That’s the day he copies videos in one of his designated rooms that looks like a TV studio. He has several scissors and lots of tape spread out on his cluttered desk, ready for his favorite part of the Tuesday ritual, making his own video jacket covers using his prized “color copier.” He loves to have the latest movies to give to his kids when they come to visit, guaranteeing his popularity, as if he had to try to do that. ~ the excerpt that got cut from "Let Me Clue You In" (Read the completed essay here).


His hobby is great. I share his love for movies.

I love that picture. I can definitely see why it would stick in your childhood memory.

Excellent photo! It never fails to touch my soul when women recall their wonderful fathers. The whole father/daughter thing is so difficult to put into words unless you are one of the pair.

yes, it's that hair! Elvis for sure.

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