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A Winning Streak


On the night of the day that my essay aired on WVTF public radio, I participated in a poetry slam at The London Underground in Blacksburg and won $100!

Initially, I was leery about reading my poetry in such a smoky, chaotic atmosphere where rowdy guys holding onto mugs of beer seemed to be waiting for the dartboards to be available again. But it turned out to be the most receptive crowd I’ve ever read to. It was my scrabble poem (posted below) that cinched my first place win, a $100 gift certificate from The Easy Chair Bookstore, the hosts of the evening’s event. The crowd went wild when I read it. They were primed and more than ready for some innuendo and comic relief.

I also sold a copy of my poetry book, Muses Like Moonlight. Since the scrabble poem wasn’t included in that collection, the woman buying the book asked me to handwrite it out for her. I was happy to oblige and still excited from my win, especially considering that I wasn’t even aware that we were competing for a prize, until I received it.

From a smoky bar in Blacksburg, I hope you can read my writing…I signed on the inside of the back cover, at the end of the scribbled out scrabble poem.

Later in the weekend, I actually did play scrabble with a group from my writers’ workshop. It was a foursome. Three women and one (lucky) man. I came in third. Does this mean my winning streak is over?

Scrabble Lover

I go outside my marriage
for an occasional game of scrabble
because my husband rarely plays
and if he does he gives up early
leaving me unsatisfied

Most of my partners are women
we huddle in restaurant booths
sneak in a quickie at a social event
carry dictionaries in our cars

I refuse to play in cyberspace
across from mechanical screens
no physical contact
with the smooth lettered tiles
no sound of them stirring in their bag

My husband and I see other people
while I play scrabble he plays golf
when I’m on the verge…of a triple word score
he’s looking for partners to make up a foursome
while I pursue a Q to go with my U
he’s putting his ball in a hole


Good morning from Michele's M&G, but of course I'd have gotten here some time today, anyway. Congratulations on your big win!

(I have not forgotten your CD-it's a work in progress, as is most of my life these days)

Hello from Michelle!

Congrats on the win!

nice blog... cool post. i like the poem, and it seems others do too! congratulations!

*claps hands* congratulations !!!

Oh and... Michelle sent me ... *winks*

Fabulous poem! I love the double entendres! ;)

Congrats and I must say ..very creative ...
Thanks for using the force ..and stopping by .:)

Whoa! That is very risque! I'm blushing over here!

excellent. good for you for entering and great poem

Excellent! Sounds like you really caught their attention.

I can see how this poem would get misconstrued in a smoky bar. Congratulations!! Cute poem!!

Great poem; congratulations on the win. I know how you feel because my husband doesn't like to play Scrabble either. Difference is, it never occurred to me to try to find a girlfriend to play it with me. Now I will do that!

I have a friend who is trying to get me to play online scrabble...as if I'm not already on the computer enough! Also wanted to say to Kimbogo...double entendres was the word I was really looking for...couldn't remember it. It was very exciting...I'm just now coming down from it. Thanks all.

I love scrabble...no one will play with me though because they say I cheat...tell me..how do you cheat at scrabble???? UNO>>.now there's a game I've never played fairly ;0)

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