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Picture This

1. Toe the Line
2. It's High Time
3. Are My Bangs Straight?



Did Byrce get his first haircut?? xo
PS He looks just like Dylan with the tools and all.

It's his second haircut. After his nap that same day he woke up sweating and his hair was wet and looked all spiky and wild. I loved it!

Bryce is a cutie-patooie. No wonder you couldn't keep your eyes off him.

What's the story behind the shoes?

I asked the same thing when I was visiting the home. The answer: river shoes. They live alongside a river.

Hi, sweetie...loved the Obama comment on letterman. They broadcast it several times.

Charming charming pictures! I swear Bryce is growing up faster than any child I've ever seen...He sure is adorable, my dear.
I LOVE "Toe The Line"!

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