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The Break of A New Day

3chairview.jpgThis morning I woke up to a rooster going off like a Big Ben clock tower. Will it crow 6 times for 6 a.m. and then 7 for 7 a.m. and 8 for 8 a.m.?

On the top of a mountain in a dormitory room in a guest house full of pottery and art, overlooking the French Broad River, I remembered my dream. I flunked a question on a questionnaire: What have you done different? Hey, I just woke up on a mountain top near Asheville in a dormitory room with five sleeping men. Doesn’t that count?

Note: More coming soon on our weekend adventures at the Carolina Kiln Build, a woodfire kiln building workshop my son Josh and his Clayspace mate Eric are hosting on Josh’s property in Madison County, North Carolina.


Can't wait for the next installment! I love watching our children work on their dreams.

Love the photo Colleen. Captures the blurb perfectly. When we head down to NC next month we will be near Asheville and should stop by and introduce ourselves to Josh!

Check him out at the River Arts District in the Wedge Building. It's Clayspace.

What a gorgeous view in that photo!!

Hi from northern Canada (yellowknife, NWT) - netchick sent me :)
A writer in Virginia, currently on a mountaintop, no less - I'm going to bookmark your blog so I can live vicariously through you!

oh my the grandeur of that area. I have so many college and other friends out that way and I myself wanted to live there. Splendor in green sandy

I would never leave that chair...just keep the coffee coming.

Me too, as long as it's tea.

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