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The Best Thing About Yesterday

bloonxsx.jpgThe best thing about yesterday was something small and unexpected. I had just read a “Ladies Who Lunch” blog post at Naomi’s in which princess crowns and bags full of whimsical party toy-things were featured. From there I began my daily walk to the mailbox and found myself thinking about my trip to the pool earlier in the week. It had taken effort to finally get myself to the pool (only the second time all summer) and then I only stayed for an hour. The swimming part was great but after that I had a hard time sitting still on the lounge chair. (Of course, my mind was absorbed in the latest story I’m writing.)

So how can I really sit when I sit to drink my tea, and how can I stay longer at the pool and enjoy myself like so many others seem to do? 'Those kids have the right idea,’ I thought to myself, remembering all the kids at the pool that day. They play. But I’m usually too tired, my internal critic shot back.

Just then, I looked down and saw the smallest balloon I’ve ever seen. It was right in my path, neon green and never blown up. It was vaguely familiar. Many weeks ago, somewhere, I couldn’t remember where, I had seen a bunch of those tiny balloons and I put a few in my pocket and then forgot about them. Without thinking I picked it up and blew, curious to know how big such a little balloon cold get. Nearing the size of a small plum, it POPPED! The sound pierced the air, reverberating through woods and up and down dirt driveways. It was LOUD, but the surprised laugh I let out might have been even louder.

And then I saw the meteor showers that night.


I just laughed, too!

Let's hope it's contagious!

You must be one interesting neighbor!

Oh what a release from all that thinking! I am glad you found it.

right place right time..sk

sounds like a perfect day/night! wish we had seen the meteor showers! those really fun chuckles are so good for us! thanks for the ones you give me. :)

You needed that pop!! Did it wake you up to something important?

It made me laugh at myself and realize the unexpected fun that each moment can bring.

Sometimes we have to smack ourselves upside the head with the reminders to lighten up and enjoy the ride. Or, a big loud balloon *POP* would work, too. :-)

What a great little story! We all need a good popping from time to time!

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