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The 13 Thursday Action

13act.jpg1. I recently did a story on a local artist in which I had to edit out all the F-U-s and made sure not to mention that we sipped some peach moonshine at the end of our interview.

2. I think my interest in writing about other people’s lives started when I wrote by brother Jim’s eulogy and thought to myself ‘what could be more important to write and why don’t we do it more often, before the person is dead.’

3. Summer weather report: My garden hose has cobwebs on it.

4. Sitting on the porch in the morning sipping tea, I was pretty sure I could hear the carpenter ants eating us out of house and home.

5. I recently got asked by a nine year old girl why my feet were dirty?

6. For the answer to that question, I refer you to THIS.

7. I love tahini drizzled on every thing. It appeals to my sense of gravy.
8. I have heard that some found their way to Floyd after hearing that more tofu was sold here than anywhere else in the east.

9. In August corn on the cob from the garden is on the menu for breakfast lunch and dinner. We even bring it to Bryce’s house when we babysit.

10. Getting married? Check out my friend Katherine’s webpage HERE. She’s the priestess who married Joe and me.

11. The first thing about President Obama that I’ve been disappointed in: He drinks Bud Light.

12. Teaser: I’m working on a new story with a Floyd connection in which the words “action” and “cut” are used and someone keeps saying “My cat has fur balls."

13. A new kaleidoscope toy HERE

13 Thursday headquarters is HERE.


Yumm corn on the cob!!! Obama also smokes ick blech

He totally should be drinking Sam Light!

Lol ! my cats has fur balls too but she is a she !

My garden hose has cob webs too, but the lawn in brown. Don't look at me! I wasn't even there.

Dirty feet, tofu, bud light, and fur balls all in one list... Gotta love it even if you don't.

Fun list. Had to laugh at the visual of the carpenter ants. After my laugh I though "hope not!".

Bud light? Yuck!

My feet have been so dirty this summer that I continually have to scrub them with a brush when I head out elsewhere. What does Michelle drink?

Maybe wine? Really is there any good commercial beer made in the U.S. I'd go for a microbrew myself and we have one right here in Floyd: Shooting Creek Brewery. Maybe we should send some to the White House. http://www.shootingcreekbrewery.com/

Bryce is a little man - little man sitting .he likes that corn !!!sandy

I would have preferred that he drink a micro-brew from the US - but at least it was an American beer!

Oh, Corn on the cob...yeah!

Lots of corn here too - Indiana is like that.

I thought tahini was just for making hummus? Hmmmmm.

Interesting how the nine year olds start imitating parents. lol - ah good times. Happy TT

corn on the cob.... soooo good!

Here via NetChick, she said hi too.

it is a good thing 9 year olds can tell clean from dirty !

13 lessons of love and humor in life

Corn on the Cobb, tight out of your Garden....How Yummy js that!!!
"Fur Balls" LOL!
LOVE that Kaleidoscope Thingy....I don't understand it, but I LOVE it!
I now know how my Gardener gor rid of all the ANTS that had come to live and eat with me!

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