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Poetry Put Me to Sleep and Poetry Woke Me Up

Pages tossing
Venetian blinds turning
Words lose meaning
Drowsy eyelids drop

A scratching cat taps
an unsteady chair
A paw at the window knocks

Poems on the outside
trying to get in
to tattle tales
and flights of fancy
to rattle sleep undreamt

~ Colleen Redman 6/30/09


I love the image of the poem on the outside trying to get in. Wonderful. Makes me think of Billy Collins.

One of my heroes because when I first read him his work resonated with me, which I believe means that we share a kindred sensibility.

Still eating broccoli and breathing here, and happy to see you're still writing poetry. I love the image of poetry tapping on the window, disrupting sleep, trying to get in. When I used to write more poems, I felt that way, too. But when I stopped listening, it stopped knocking....

The poem is beautiful :)

(oh, and NetChick sent me)

Hi Colleen,

I am here from Net Chick...the imagery is wonderful in your poem. So true about the creative process, when you ignore it, it will find you in all aspects of your life, whether you like it or not. :)

many many a night I tried to find that lyric in my head.....

A sublime poem, I love it, so many layers.

I have a request, I keep wanting to read the poem you wrote about the richness of harvesting veggies, Yukon gold..... Could you please reprint or post a link?

Good poetry, Colleen. I like the last line.

Is it this one Chris? http://www.looseleafnotes.com/notes/2005/08/pay_day.html

Also, you can pick up a copy of Muses Like Moonlight in the Mercantile, Cafe del Sol, or noteBooks and read. Most of my garden vegetable poems are in there. http://silverandgold.swva.net/

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