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What Lies Beneath

jjunk.jpgWhat lies beneath is eighteen years of junk collected in the cellar, piled on the pool table we bought to keep teenaged boys home a little longer, crammed into cement block corners, strewn on dusty shelves. We didn’t even need the three new tarps to order the disorder, as described on Oprah by her un-clutter guru: one for throw-aways, one for give-aways, and one for stuff to sell. With a little Virgo nature and a pick-up truck, we’ve set our intention and made a good start at reclaiming what used to be a cozy spot to sit by the woodstove but over time has deteriorated into what I call “bad feng shui.” A moldy dark cluttered foundation. A place to avoid and to blame our bad moods on.


Congrats on getting back in the organized part of life.

good luck with that! clutter really affects my mood in a negative way. i'm in a teeny place right now and don't have room for everything even after downsizing my things in a big way.

oh, and i made it by the ClaySpace co-op, but not on a day when josh was there. it's a really neat place. i loved all the pottery. there are talented people there....

So good to hear from you BMM. I hope you also check out the Wedge and the Wedge iron sculpture garden there.

Tabor, got a long way to go but have at least put our turn lights on for the right direction for the road trip I'm calling "journey home."

Oprah's de-clutterer sounds like that show Clean Sweep that used to be on TLC. Same method. But he spent a lot more time delving into the emotional reasons people hung on to all their stuff in order to break the pack rat pattern moving forward so their nice clutter free home wouldn't turn right back into Sanford & Son in a month's time! Good luck with your de-cluttering - it is liberating to regain a room :0)

It always feels good cleaning up clutter. I sort of feel good for you and wish I could do it, but as you know my vacation is over. xo

That's the way. I am thinking of getting a back hoe for the same purpose! Or maybe a very large fan--or one of those big tubes the construction guys use to keep debris from landing on people.

Pack rats, both Oz and I, recently tackled the de-cluttering, somewhat, then we cleaned out Oz's mother house when she passed away. We ended up with more stuff. UGH!

Ahhhh yes...Clutter and Junk! It seems like it almost manufactures itself, sometimes, doesn't it?...But it does look like you are making a lot of headway! Maybe you and Joe would like to come by here, too? (lol)

I hope Angels in the Attic was the beneficiary of your house cleaning!

You bet.

Congratulations on your decluttering. I have been working this summer on doing the same thing. Will be having a garage sale. My school aged kids have been helping a lot. They keep me motivated!

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