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Scenes from the First Annual Floyd Town Jubilee

1. My favorite dust sprinkling Blue Fairy walks on clouds.
2. View of the Floyd Country Store from the newly renovated Station at Locust Street, which was celebrating their Grand Opening with tours. The building, once home of Mama Lizzardo’s Restaurant, combines studio businesses, a tasting room, restaurant, and apartments upstairs. It's very impressive inside and out and the tour was a highlight of the day.
3. The Floyd Artist Association moved from Art Under the Sun and has a new gallery in the Station. The group also had an outside booth for the day (pictured). Tina Liza Jones (far right), a FAA member, led a group in an old time jam.
4. Looking down from one of the Station’s balconies onto Jubilee venders selling pottery, clothing, jewelry, art, food, and more.
5. A Wizard of Oz wind blew up and vendors helped other vendors hold the forts down.
6. Veterans raising money for veteran causes selling paper poppy flowers as a jamboree mountaineer passes by.
7. Young Actors Coop and Floyd belly dancers paraded through downtown bringing whimsy and theatrics to the event.
8. The first annual Floyd Jubilee was also a celebration of the new Warren Lineberry Memorial Park, named for a Floyd judge and active community member who passed away in 2003, and was brought to us by The Partnership for Floyd citizen group. There was general frolicking on the lawn all day, in this case to the tunes of Upland Express.
9. It was a great turnout and I think everyone who attended would agree the Jubilee was a success. There were tractor rides and a garden Par-Tea on the lawn of one historic home. I was sorry I missed some of the other musical performances, Rob Neurirch’s storytelling at the Hotel Floyd amphitheater stage, and the Hollerin’ Contest (but cafe owner Sally Walker gave us a good sample of the hollerin’ at the Café del Sol Spoken Word later that night).


Another great and fun time in Floyd. You are so lucky to have all this where you live. ox

Now you have 2 good summer occasions to come visit between this and Floydfest. The Spoken Word later that night had nearly 30 readers with a great variety of performances and was packed to the hilt! More pictures to come.

next year, i want to be there.. looks like so much fun

Looks like fun :) I hope you had a good time!

NetChick sent me to say Hello :)

Gosh, Floyd does it again. What a great community there.

Gosh! Sorry I missed it. I seem never to be able to plan my visits to take in the "happenings"! Floyd sure does look lush - must be all that rain. I didn't recognize the parking lot next to the Station - green grass? Woody Crenshaw sure has done a great job. When does the farmer's market open?

It is simply amazing the number of WONDERFUL "ARTS" related things that happen in Floyd...It seems such a 'community' of joyous artists of all persuassions...Thanks for sharing these sweet pictures, Colleen.

Not sure on the Farmers Market, sometime this summer. Wanda did a nice story on The Station in last week's paper. I was so busy shooting from the balconies that I forgot to get a shot of the exterior of it. This week's paper should have a good spread on the Jubilee.

You're making more and more people want to move there!!

I tried taking that picture through the window, but mine didn't come out as nice as yours. It was a fun event...I came and went early since I had to go deliver produce...Judy says she saw you...

I love those blue fairy wings... gossamer indeed. And the wind... the wind was my savior yesterday with the heat and today a pleasant surprise and refreshing respite; but I see how it could be hard on those nice tents. It looks like a fun time was had by all.

how long has floyd been focused in this way - so many community activities, a love of the arts, individual talent, appreciation of self and others? i am always so amazed by the community activites and common goals you guys seem to share. one day we will visit this remarkable place and for sure hope to meet you when we do.

I see fun and why was I home working I wonder??

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