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Marching to a Summer Drummer

pedalfxt.jpgThe first taste of blueberries picked from the garden, the first splashed dunk in the Country Club pool. Meals on the porch. Everyday an outside tea party attended in sundress style. The lawn chairs are moved from the open sun, tucked under pine trees in the shade. The dog looks forlorn, overdressed in fur. Industrious carpenter ants with appetites for our log home, leave telltale piles of wood dust around. Flip flops flap and butterflies flit. I slow down and listen to the symphony of wild. Every buzz, chirp, tweet, and drone tells me what I want to hear, that summer is in full swing.


perfect just perfect- may it hang on for a long while that feeling..sandy

Hi Colleen. Netchick sent me over today.

Summer is certainly in full swing now. Temps in the 90s and I can't do yardwork without dropping at least a pound in sweat. Gotta love it. But it's a lot better than cold weather, that's for sure.

Lovely! Our kitty was grumbling about being overdressed in fur himself just this morning. First real day of summer we've seen in Boston - boy is he in for it!

I really really like what you have written. It certainly paints the true picture of summer for me.

The "symphony of the wild" - I love that line!!

Ah, the things that make summer, summer!

When summer is in full swing, it doesn't have long to go!

NetChick sent me here.

Didn't summer seem to come on fast? Or is it the time is passing faster and faster...How lovely to have your own Berries!

Hi, NetChick sent me!

I've also done a lot of gardening this summer. Raspberries are my latest crop.

Summer is in full swing here too... too hot.. I long for cool breezes and the sea with low humidity. Blueberries ... we must check Pungo and see if they are ready to pick.

My blackberries are ripe along the drive and I hope to get some up for a cobbler before they get gone! I love all the berries this area produces.

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