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I Made My First Soul Collage Card and I Love It

scz.gif Having just come off a dizzying roller coaster ride of the written word, I went to an open house art day at Rosemary's house to play in the world of non-verbal fairytale, to tell a deeper story with image and color. There was sunlight shining in on the dining room table, strawberry rhubarb pie and blueberry muffins, scissors and glue stick, and wise woman talk.

It turns out that making a soul collage card is a lot like writing poetry. It's an intuitive process that when you get it right feels like hitting the nail on the head, like finding an antidote for the over-rush of days, a ticket for the psyche to travel. Some make a whole deck of soul collage cards with suits for readings. I was happy today just to make one.
I don't remember looking for the pieces or the parts that make up my first soul collage. It started with a sage green sheet of letters brought by another budding soul collage artist. The rest just seemed to appear before me. It manifested like a doodle I was hardly aware I was working on.

I love gazing at it. I love the 5X8 card size. I love not interpreting it into words, but knowing on some level exactly what it means and knowing that the meaning can change with the tiniest shift of perception. Have her roller skates been underused or overused? Is that Van Gogh's sunflower, the same one that hung for years on my fridge with the words of Rumi printed on it: Let yourself be silently drawn to the stronger pull of what you really love?


Your soul card is awesome. I want to make one. xo
PS How did others come out? Were there any dark and gothic ones? I would have had fun making and seeing others.

Rosemary has made a collection of them related to a whole range of emotions! I only made one. It felt like medicine. I'm working on a whole series of collage here at my house, related to words and finding voice.

let's see more of these- love tham !sandy

So is there a process of some sort or a list of the types of materials that should be around or a special way of getting materials? I guess I just wondered how you start?

Sorry, I should have included a general link. I will now here and in the front. http://www.kaleidosoul.com/

Hopefully we will keep meeting and more pictures will be forthcoming, both of soul collage and collage in general.

That's lovely. I read another blogger who makes them all the time. Do you know Fran at Redondowriter's Sacred Ordinary?

Yes, I've been to her site a few times. I've run across other bloggers who create these too.

That looks like a wonderful experience. Your collage is amazing.

Nice card, Colleen. I'm sure Tanya (aka netchick) thinks so too. Have a good weekend.

I have been interested in trying this idea of collaging. You have inspired me to try it.

wow - this would be an interesting project for me in winter. thanks for the link. i used to do collages when i was at the university...words and images of all sorts, all having personal meaning. these were glued randomly (but overlaid so there was no empty space) to a thin piece of wood as large as we wanted. we would add a small amount of tinting to elmer's glue to make it look antiqued after it dried, and then we "painted" the glue over it all. great fun.

decoupage collage? How did you tint the elmer's glue?

This looks like something I would really enjoy too!

I remember "Modpodge-ing" collages when I was in college. I loved it.
Beautiful card, Colleen! I love how soul collage cards are such a personal reflection of the artist and the day.

It's lovely to witness the excitement of someone discovering the impact of SoulCollage for the first time. It's true we're allowing the same part of us to search out and choose images for these cards as we would in poetry - not necessarily logical but so, so apt and deeply true. Lovely!

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