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Gone to Soon June

By the end of June the Parkway rhododendrons are weeping petals and roadside lilies are looking sassy. ‘Fireworks For Sale’ signs have become evident and everyone seems to be having a yard sale.
My one year old grandson likes me. He holds out his arms now for me to pick him up. He’s not big on waving bye-bye but he likes to point. Whada? Means “What’s that?” and Getah means “get that.” Every week when I see him there’s a new discovery to make. Today I discovered that he likes blueberries more than any boy I’ve known. He can also hear NO from me now without it breaking his heart and he lets me wash his face after breakfast.
Every year I wonder what would my garden look like if I stayed home all summer, if I kept up with the weeding, if I clipped back the overgrowth, used a weed whacker, or if cleaned out my cellar and pantry. Then the screen door slams, I track garden dirt and bugs follow me inside. At night I jump on the trampoline under a big moon and the beach begins to call.
Every summer I’m torn between barefoot mornings, lazy hammock afternoons with visiting family and seeing more of the world. Between going and staying, between doing and not doing, between mountains and sea.


You aren't alone, Colleen. I'm always torn between those too.

We were just up in the Parkway yesterday hiking on a trail. The lilies were everywhere in mounds and just beautiful. I like you want to stay home and play in the yard but also want to travel and see something---the Parkway, maybe!

Nice shots Colleen. Gee, he's a year old already?!

Traveling in summer is fun, for sure, but I love nothing more than idle summer mornings spent swinging in our porch swing, listening to the birds sing and the bees buzz and eating an orange creamsicle and feeling its icy, creamy sweetness as it melts in my mouth. I just did that yesterday, in fact, and it was pretty swell.

Bryce is growing up so fast. What a cutie!

Bryce is already a big boy! Gosh.

I say go to the beach. The garden will take care of itself. 100 years from now the weeding won't matter. Heck, it won't matter come fall! Life is short, we all worry to much. Watch the waves and be one with the tide.

What a cutie! Enjoy your summer daze!

The next shot you see might be a beach. It isn't just the garden (it's big!), it's leaving my peaceful home at all. Sometimes it feels like too much work to travel and I usually have some resistance.

isn't that the truth I love June- Your grandson looking so much like his dad and tall and super cute..sandy

I love the sound of jumping on a trampeline at night! What a fun girl you must be to have around!! This post inspires me and makes me want to write a nostalgic tribute to June in Charleston...

I hope you do! It's a big trampoline nestled in the trees, my kind of jogging.

The picture of Byrce is the cutest ever.....especially with the crocks on his little feet. xox

Which one is winning out this year? Mountains or sea?

Keep watching the photos, soon shall see.

I'm sure he does love you. Sounds like you two get along great and I love the photos in this post too.

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