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Does it Grow Corn?

13ggroxw.jpg 1. My corn is taller than a toddler.

2. If it was a kid it would be in the second grade.

3. “Does it Grow Corn?” is a Native American expression not so unlike “Walk your Talk,” one that I first heard from Medicine Man Sun Bear when he came to Floyd in the 80’s and I wrote about his visit in the Museletter.

4. I might as well be a car mechanic. My hands stay that stained and dirty from gardening all summer long.

5. I just went to write “Sesame Seeds” on my grocery list and wrote “Sesame Street” instead.

6. I haven’t seen a tomato horn worm since I was scared by them as a girl.

7. In case you missed it, the last paragraph in THIS post describes praying mantis sex.

8. Over the weekend I spent the good part of a day in compromising positions that involved ladders and dangling between branches off the edge of the porch while trimming the humongous forsythia bush in front of our house.

9. On my way to town for Floyd’s first annual jubilee festival, I imagined that friends there would ask me how I was doing and that I would answer, “As well as can be expected for someone who just spent an entire day tackling a bush twice as high and five times wider than me.” Of course I ended up answering “pretty good” when they really asked.

10. Because my car needs a new tie rod and makes knocking sounds when I go over bumps, I took the paved road route to town for the Jubilee. While driving I passed the house we lived in before this one (eighteen years ago) and saw a young boy in the yard planting something with his mother. It made me nostalgic for my sons as little boys.

11. While I was at the Jubilee and the Spoken Word Open Mic, my husband Joe spent a very fulfilling Father’s Day weekend helping my Asheville Potter Son with building projects in preparation for the Carolina Kiln Build on his compound in Marshall County. The day after he returned he went down the mountain to baby sit Bryce, my youngest son Dylan’s baby boy. Later, he thanked me for bringing him into such a wonderful family. (My kids were five and seven when Joe and I got together.)

12. I started a list of alternative answers to the question “How are you?” but I wrote them on the back of an envelope while driving and I can’t read my own writing now.

13. What would you do if you ran into one of THESE guys in the garden?

More 13 Thursday play HERE.


Coll, Remember the movie "Hellstrong's Chronicle" where they document that the insects will take over the world. They have been around as long as the dinosaurs??? That is scary, but reminded me of those ugly caterpillars. xoxo

OOPS It is Hellstrom Chronicles not Hellstrong.

Your No. 3 will stay with me. I enjoyed this post.

Multiple comments from me:

- I recall too with great fondness our children when they were children. Remember when our firstborn sons played together in a Texas swimming pool at age 1?
- I like "praying" mantis more than "preying". Maybe that's just me.
- I love that you wrote alternate responses to "How are you" while driving. I hope Virginia doesn't outlaw texting (on paper) while behind the wheel :-)
- I get into compromising positions in my garden all the time. Good thing no one sees us except the plants.
- I'm impressed that you posted tomorrow's blog entry the night before. That's good planning!


Can't help laughing at numbers 5 and 12. Happy Thursday!

Thanks for the laugh! I hate it when I can't read my own writing! :)

Hi Gene,
You're right about the spelling of "praying mantis." I just copied mine right from Aaron's story and didn''t thing twice about it. Here's what I found on the wikipedia: A colloquial name for the order is "praying mantises", because of the typical "prayer-like" stance, although the term is often mis-spelled as "preying mantis" since mantises are notoriously predatory.

Texas play seems like a dream now, or maybe like last year. xo

omg I would so take pictures of it!

I loved looking at the caterpillars - so alien!! I once reached into my tomato plants to remove suckers and touched a tomoato horn worm. I don't EVER want to do that again!!!

What a sweet thing for your husband to say.

#11 brought a tear to my eye. How lovely. As usual, great list. I envy your garden. Happy T13!

Happy Thursday!

as always a great read! wish our forsythia was big enough to require such dexterity.

wonderful read :)

Click Here For My Thursday-13

We had a tomato horn worm in our front hedge once when I was a little girl. My dad put it on the driveway and ran over it with the car. It was gross! I've never seen one since (and I never want to), but I do think his method of despatch was a bit extreme.


Number 10 was very touching and I remember being there.

That tomato horn worm looks just like the tobacco horn worms I encountered in a childhood of working in tobacco (most of the country kids I knew in eastern North Carolina worked in tobacco). We used to throw the tobacco horn worms at each other. There's nothing quite like having one of those in your hair. :-) Gives me the willies just thinking about it.

Ok, you had me at praying mantis sex!!

i had a SUPER dumb moment the other day. i saw corn growing and i thought, "why haven't they harvested that yet?" then i realized, it's not even july 4th yet. apparently my mind was stuck in fall.

happy tt

I have never witnesses Praying Mantis sex but, two ladybugs were totally going at it on my bell pepper plant yesterday :) I'm hoping for babies, too many aphids still on my rose bushes.

Now that's true love sandy

How do you suppose we look to caterpillars?

I love number 12... probably because I have done something similar although it involved a napkin and water and well.. a mess.
As for the Sesame Street... I thought only moms did that.. Grandmas were so much more with it than I was as mom.
PS:Snuffleupogus...probably spelled wrong.. is my favorite... he is just so cushy I just want to squeeze him.

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