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A Daze of Daisy Days

A Maze of Daisies
A Vase of Daisies
She Loves Me. She Loves Me Not.
She Loves Me!


Yes, I do!

I love them so much this reminds me of home where I could walk for acres in them and every face smiling at me Than You Thank You thank You sandy

I love daisies too... in fact, this year I planted some in the flowerbeds. They are doing really well and the bees are very happy!

These ones have volunteered and the patch gets bigger each year. They are also edible, I've been told, but I'm not that hard up yet and I keep remembering the Doris Day movie I saw when I was a kid "Please Don't Eat the Daisies."

I love you too!!! xoxo

such fun flowers they are with their perky faces! our medium sized shastas have opened, but the great, towering daisies which will grow to 42 inches tall are only now showing us their buds. look at that nice garden in one of the pics!

That's our corn in the background!

The scarecrow is great!

I have a big bunch in my front garden, but they don't usually come out until August. I really like the tiny, delicate ones. They are definitely one of my favourites - so nostalgic.


These daisy photos are lovely. They put roses to shame with their simple beauty.

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