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Birthday Bull

I always wondered what that wall of photos of people wearing sombreros in the back of El Charro was all about.
Then they brought out a Mexican dessert with a cherry on top, put the sombrero on my head, and snapped.
Now I’m one of the photos on the wall. Aging may be bull but celebrating is fun. I’m a Taurus, so the (above) photo is fitting.

Thanks to Suzi and Awlyn for their company and for driving from Blacksburg to buy me a birthday lunch.


and a VERY HAPPY Birthday to you, Colleen. Many happy returns of the day.

Hey, happy birthday!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Colleen!! You share it with Utenzi.

Happy belated birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you... or if you prefer... Happy Anniversary of your 29th birthday. ;)

So you are now one year older! What a great year, huh?

A belated Happy Birthday to you, Colleen! Love that sombrero--very fetching!:-)

Happy Happy! Glad it was a good day.

so sorry i am late. can't get enough of this newly discovered sunshine so i am not at the computer as much lately. hope the birthday was happy, happy, happy! a mexican lunch sounds yummy - wish we were having one here - particularly a margarita! visiting you is always a special part of my day - so sending you these wishes is important to me. Hope your day was filled with laughter, fun, and many special moments with those you love.

A Very Happy Birthday, Dear Colleen....I LOVE that you are now on their Wall Of Birthdays! I think that is a Lovely Honor!
I hope you Celebrate yourself all week...And maybe ALL Year!

Today is your Birthday..........!!

Happy Birthday Colleen!

oh, and hats off to you! or sombrero as the case may be.

I missed this day Coleen. Belated Happy Birthday! :)

Happy belated birthday, Colleen :-)

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