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At Least 13 Peepers

jcrp.jpg 1. This is my 180th Thirteen Thursday, so last week when I posted my 179th on Wednesday thinking it was Thursday, I blamed it on old age.

2. I also had jet lag. But I had no such excuse when I posted THIS 13 Thursday on Friday because on Thursday I forgot what day it was.

3. I wake up with blog entries like others wake up with dreams.

4. One day is along time in blog terms. Sometimes I get to thinking I’ll leave a post up for two days but then by the end of the day the post seems so old and I start thinking about something new.

5. On the first day of Spring I sent out a Jim and Dan Stories book order (the book I wrote about losing two brothers a month apart) to a woman whose last name was Sp(e)ring. You know who you are.

6. The house I grew up in was on Spring St. The number was 10 ½.

7. Peepers are the first sign of spring in my current neighborhood. THIS is what they sound like.

8. A spring peeper is a small chorus frog that lives in wetlands, marshes, and pond or swamp regions. Only males have the ability to make the loud high-pitched noise, and they use it to attract mates. On Martha's Vineyard, peepers are commonly called "pinkletinks"; in New Brunswick, Canada, they are called "tinkletoes." In parts of the American south they are (perhaps erroneously) referred to as "spring creepers." ~ Wikipedia

9. Listening to Barack Obama answer questions at Tuesday’s Press conference was music to my ears. It reminded me of the first time I heard Led Zeppelin (in 1969 at a little place called The Boston Tea Party) and how they would go off on multi-layered musical riffs that would utterly absorb me, and then bring it all back to the beginning, coming full circle in a way that surprised me, felt complete, and made sense.

10. Checking my Facebook account: Sometimes it feels too much like living on a street full of houses and looking out the window every time someone pulls up or drives away.

11. Today’s Soundtrack is HERE. I never realized how horns could sound so much like peepers.

12. After stumbling on a series of gorgeous spring flower photos on a blog entry titled “Take a Deep Breath Pollen Sufferers,” I left my comment: “Ah … (without the choo).”

13. What’s the first sign of spring where you live?

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My fav sign of Spring is seeing people outside without winter gear on. I can't wait until sandal weather lol Hate socks!
Happy T13!

You made me laugh with #1 and #2 because I do the same thing, lol.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my 13 ART TRIBUTES to ICONS, LEGENDS & HEROES that shaped my world.

Where I live, the first sign of spring is how crowded the outdoor-accessible lunch spot gets! That means it's no longer below freezing, and people are venturing outside into the warmth of the sun!

purple and lavender heather. robins digging in the rock garden. crocus blooms. lilac leaf buds. daffodil and tulip greenery. rose bush stem/leaf buds. slugs in the garden. weeds sprouting. kids waiting outside for the school bus instead of in a parent's car. i want to be outside, more and more. reports of nearby bear sightings.

The first sign of Spring where I live is people wishing each other Happy New Year!

There are too many first signs that come bumping on top of one another where I live. My other blog on the Room Without Walls has begun a little of the tracking of the changes in the resident birds with photographs. I just love your description of Facebook because that is exactly how I feel.

#4 is so true. so true!

Mine are posted now...hope to see you there sometime if you can find a bit of your day to stop by! happy Thursday.

That was fun. For me, the first sign of spring is a thought: gardening.

My T-13

"I'll see you in the Spring"!!! xo

I very much agree with you concerning n° 3, I also wake up with blog ideas and leaving one day without post seems not normal to me. Your peepers apparently don't sound like birds because none of my 5 cats moved when I listened. Usually they all get mad with birdsongs, lol !

I lived in Charleston, WV for a time, and miss it quite a bit. It's funny how blogging now directs our lives. I know carry my camera around with the explicit intention of taking pics of things to blog about. And to think when blogging first came out I thought it sounded silly.

The first sign of spring - probably yesterday when I went out to put the garbage in the dumpster and didn't feel cold in my T-shirt despite the snow falling around me. Spring is in the mind.

One of the guys at work was talking yesterday about seeing the Who at the Boston Tea Party...made me think of you!

Do you know I met my first real love on the first day of Spring! I hope the book arrives today :-)

I just commented on another blog that one of my favorite things about spring are the peepers.

#9 sounds like a trip, if you get my drift ;-)

I liked the imagery of #10.

The first sign of spring where I live is this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fondofelves/3353810203/

Last week Spring dropped in and the snow quickly turned our street into a pond. Today we are being whipped around by the tail end of a three day winter storm that has meter high snow drifts blocking my driveway. +sigh+

I long to hear your Peepers. :-)

We have those "peepers". The first sign of spring for me is the stinky bradford pears start, well, stinking. :)

Peepers here too, also the cows making odd noises & my son running around shirtless & shoeless entirely too early in my cold footed opinion.

Being in a big city, sadly peepers aren't our first sign of Spring... I'd say it's the running of the saps.

Yup, we live in a fairly old part of the city... near a very cool stretch of street with literally hundreds of little boutique shops, bakeries, and whatnot... and every year, as the weather warms, the saps put on their jogging outfits and treat the busy "shopping" sidewalks as their personal running track... all the time getting "ticked" at the people DARING to use THEIR running track as {gasp!} a sidewalk for shopping! My goodness, we're in their WAY for crying out loud!

...not that I'm bitter about these running saps though.

Oh, I love the peepers! For me, I think, the first sign of spring is that I feel compelled every single day to wander around our yard looking to see what new shoot has poked its little green head above the earth or what flower has bloomed. Even on rainy days like today.

first sign of spring? people wearing t-shirts in the snow because it's a less cold snowy day. :)

#10 I know what you mean. I think I should set it so it doesn't show up everytime I swing thru FB. I've left my computer on overnight with FB open to have someone comment face to face on how he noticed I was awake at 3 a.m.

Oh, I could have added spring peeper to my list of spring animals. I love spring. Happy TT!

10 1/2 what a cool street addy but i bet a pain on forms

It's not really the first sign. But in Japan, the most lovable symbol of spring is sakura (cherry blossoms).

The first sign of spring is when the spiders come out (eek).

The first sign of spring for me are the robins return to my yard.

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