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Taking Floyd Moonshine on the Road

rdmill.jpgThere was no drinking and driving involved in the ride from Floyd down the Pig Path into Radford. And the only moonshine proof there was to be enjoyed was in the readings from the second edition of Floyd County Moonshine at the Coffee Mill on Main Street.

Moonshine, in this case, refers to the “flavor” of the local literary and art magazine, put out by editor Aaron Moore and associate editor Jay Settle. Even the character in Aaron's short story in the first issue, “13 Titanium Screws,” traveled on the Pig Path and others in that edition drank moonshine, hung out in bars, or on Bourbon Street.

Jay read a poem about an elderly man with a cane and his wife walking like “flowers bending slightly,” probably on their way to “Cracker Barrel.” But I swear I saw them in Applebees.jayaar.jpg

One poem that stood out in my memory was a quirky one from Java lover Chelsea Adams about a woman named Bess who eats blades of grass at a picnic, forgets her sandwich, and then expresses breast milk for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I just didn’t expect that.

The cappuccino steam machine sounded like a spaceship landing. A guy with a skateboard only came in and out of the coffeehouse front door when Moonshine associate editor Jay was at the mic introducing readers.

There was a strange juxtaposition between Peter Pan and Jesus when Mara Robbins and I read poems in dialogue about each. jm2.jpg And when Katherine Chantal said, “What coffee is to Chelsea, tea is to me and then read “Brewing a Poem,” I told her she should take a cup with her next time for a prop.

Three Radford English teachers and some of their students. Three from Floyd Writer’s Circle and others. RU teacher Jim Minick is working on a memoir about his blueberry farming days in Floyd, he said. Katherine and I left at intermission, so that’s all she wrote.

Got Moonshine? floydshine@gmail.com.


Another venue!

Hey Colleen. Tanya asked me to ask you if you thought these should streamed as live webcasts or otherwise recorded as podcasts?

Colleen, I understand your deli dilemma, what I did was to learn the number they dial for thickness I like. One for cheese one for meats. I works like a programmable charm. All you have to do is remember the numbers!

I wish I had the technological mind, like you do Carmi, to do it!
Thanks for the tip, Carter.

i read my poetry ONCE in public and was thrilled that people liked it. That was in Oct 2008, I guess I am a late bloomer.
here from Netchick

Being a transplant to the Blue Ridge Mts. you've probably seen (if not tasted)real moonshine by now--not just the kind on the page? Loved the description of the elderly couple walking. I read your profile a little closer and saw you're interested in writing. I'm not really a writer, but I love hearing others who are talk/write about their lives and writing. There's several English whose blogs I follow, especially Lane at Lane's Write . You may enjoy her blog.

Colleen, apparently I'm not much of a "linker" either. Let me try to give you Lane's address again:
Lane's Write

Thanks, Faye. I'll check it out.

I've lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd for 23 years and it took me nearly 20 to finally taste some GOOD (peach) moonshine, although I had acquired some years ago before for making medicinal tinctures (because it's 100 proof). When it's good it tastes like a liquoir when it's bad it taste like rubbing alcohol! I admire the independence and many of the traditions of the mountain people.

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