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Bryce Eats an Apple

His Jacket says Winnie the POOH and his pants say BOO.
He ate his first apple without swallowing a bite HERE.
See what else six-month old (on Friday) Bryce can do HERE.


well, mr. bryce is a smart one for only 6 months old! he knows exactly how to drive his little walker! i imagine he will be walking by himself by the first of the year! such a cutie, he is. i always enjoy seeing him, so thanks for this adorable post!

What a cutie!

He has teeth...or is he gumming it? Either way, very cute!

OOOOhhh...he is so cute. And I can't believe he is already 6 months old!


He is getting so big - and so cute! Loved the video of him!

you are so lucky to have him in your life...

Wow, what a face and presence! I'm so delighted you get this time with him!

He's soon to be 6 months old and has a couple of lower teeth but was basically just gumming and teething on the apple.

Will he be embarrassed when his first girlfriend sees him in about 8 or 9 years and looks at your blog and the comments? He's such a cutie!

I promise not to take any of cute ones of him nude on a blanket. I think these ones would win over any girl over when that time comes!

Oh, he is adorable, Colleen! Those pictures remind me of something my Grandma used to say to me---she called me "the apple of her eye." I know that Bryce is the apple of your eye!

I was just overcome with an attack of grandmothering omg cuteness personified

He is a living doll and I am so jealous. But of course in a good way if ever there was one. xo

What a fabulous great-nephew I have!

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