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Talking Heads

13tp1.jpg 1. I like PBS’s Shields and Brooks but David Byrne is my favorite Talking Head. He has a blog too. HERE.

2. How come a dunce cap and a wizard cap are both the same?

3. My current imaginary bumpers sticker is a mathematical equation that says: McCain+Palin=Bushx. Hey, this is not rocket science. See HERE.

4. Truck spotted in Texas during Hurricane Ike with a sign painted on it that read: GO HOME IKE … TINA IS NOT HERE!!


6. Lately I’ve been reading stories from the Anchorage Daily News. Here’s one on Alaska bloggers and how their 200 a day hits have recently gone up into the thousands.

7. Loose Leaf isn’t a political blog but I write about politics. It isn’t a blog about Floyd but I write about Floyd. It’s a place where my daily journal converges with my poetry, photography, and prose. It’s a writer’s discipline and a container to organize and store my formal and informal writing.

8. As someone who has been blogging for 3 ½ years, this is my first presidential election as a blogger, so it’s only natural that there would be more posts on politics than there normally are. As the election gets closer, it’s pretty much on my mind every day.

9. I’m one of those people who think politics is the process by which groups of people make decisions and I want to be in on the decisions that affect me as much as I can. I don’t think politics is separate from the rest of life, and I believe there is truth to this quote: “Anyone who says they are not interested in politics is like a drowning man who insists he is not interested in water.”

10. Plato said this: “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”

11. The last election is responsible for me taking up blogging. I had been doing a lot of political writing – which was published in The New River Free Press, Roanoke Times, Common Dreams, Just Response, Online Journal, and other places – but I got so frustrated about the Bush administration's marketing of the Iraq War and Bush’s re-election that I burned out.tonguex.jpg I decided I wanted to have more fun with writing, so I drew on my Irish storytelling heritage, posted the above bio photo of me in Ireland with a shamrock pinned to my sweater, and let the gift of gab begin.

12. The heads are talking and the tongues are wagging: This picture (right) of me and my nephew Matthew is my favorite one from the summer. I like to know that I have an influence on the younger generation.

13. What do you think of THIS two headed turtle that made Dave Letterman go “EEEWWW?”

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I'm with #4. Go home, Ike.

The choice of Palin was the most dunderheaded, brainless bit of nonsense opportunism imaginable!

DIDN'T BLINK=DIDN'T THINK! yeah, i would say that is true. most people do give it some thought when they are asked to do a job wayyyyyyyy beyond anything even remotely within their experience range. it gave me great pause that she didn't even stop to give it thought. one would think she might have wanted to think about it in terms of her family's needs at least - an infant with down syndrome and a pregnant teen living at home. those 2 issues alone would have most people doing a little bit of "blinking & thinking" about increasing work time away from home and being less available to family members. well, at least we know she is impulsive...the perfect partner for a man whose temper often explodes. sounds like they are a perfect team for things like declaring war!

i love # 10!

I'm with Dave on the ewwww factor.

As for Palin, I'm simply speechless with disgust at how incredibly stupid the Republicans apparently think women are. Forget her views, which are utterly abhorrent to me, I've never seen anyone more grossly unqualified for a position in my life!

I love #9 & #10! I firmly believe that if people discussed politics more, instead of it being a taboo subject in many situations, or something people just find uninteresting, the "average American" (whatever that is) would be less swayed by those misleading soundbites.

2. Dunno...now you've got me thinking...
3. That would be a good bumper sticker!
4. Funny!
5. All of these would make good bumper stickers too...
9. Very good analogy!

Another great TT!!! xo

Ok... My favorite bumper sticker lately (well it was before the election) had to be: THE ONLY BUSH I TRUST, IS MY OWN!!!
Anyway. My TT is up and there's a photo of Josh & your work too.

Going through different TT this morning I was horrified to find a few blogs who praise this woman and McCain ! I would have thought that Americans learned a bit from the Bush desaster !

I enjoyed the one on the bumper sticker. That takes the cake!

Thanks for visiting my TT on 13 Myths About Sarah Palin.

I like the one on Plato.

Thanks for visiting my TT on 13 Myths About Sarah Palin.

wow, that two headed turtle is amazing!!!

I admire the way you always speak your mind with clarity. It's impressive, really. Plus, I love these random 13s around your beautiful mind.

I always enjoy and look forward to your 13 Thursdays, Colleen. I also always learn something cool from them. Love the Plato quote. A wise fellow he was indeed....

I'm like you. This election is on my mind all the time. I try to avoid blogging about it because I know people are so tired of hearing it and I alienate those I love and mostly all my blogger buddies are liberals anyway, and my sister just gets mad at me. I just try to slip in what I can. I've decided to try to be more discreet. Remembering that we have to try to get that voter who still hasn't completely made up his mind. It is just so hard for me not to rant at how stupid people must be and I have erased many posts!

That poor turtle! Makes me think of all the deformed frogs out there and wonder what really is in the water.

I wonder what Plato would think of us and our leadership now....

Great TT! I like the way you say what you have to say.

Happy TT!

I am so frustrated by the fact I cannot see ANY Videos on YouTube, and some other places, too!
And my Computer Wizard cannot figure it out---And He Is Very Very Savvy!
I always love you TT's Colleen, and this one is particularly rich with all of the references to the coming election...!
I'm sorry it was The Bush Administration that got you blogging..BUT, I Am So Very Glad You DO Blog!

7 makes sense.
12 makes chuckle.

Love that, Bush in a skirt.


I absolutely LOVE the Plato quote.
And am not bothered in the least by your thoughtful political musings and statements. :)


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