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Last little corner of the porch
on a lifeboat following the sun
Westward light is sinking low
Soon I’ll be drowning in shadow


I felt that way so often in 1981

The trees look so vibrant full of green!! Great imagery!
I find it odd that in the summer the trees are fully dressed and in the winter they are bare naked.

This poem sings true for me as well. I have a favourite reading bench that now is in shadows far too soon. The days are getting shorter, the shadows longer.

shadows chill the marrow until snow takes over. sunny vacation places are calling..

I noticed yesterday that one of the trees in the parking lot is totally changed color.

And, the shadows over the benches in the park downtown are long...and the sunshine hides earlier each day.

i love this, colleen!

That's the light at the end of my driveway!

You are very lucky - this is a beautiful view!

Michele sent me

Beautiful picture and poetry. Thank you for stopping by!

Yes, drowning is the perfect word. The angle of light seems to have slanted a huge amount just in the last 2 weeks. We're clinging to every moment of sun before it lowers itself into its tiny wintery arc!

Wonderful poem and picture, Colleen, though reading it makes me melancholy.

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