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Fungi Feng shui

My interest in mushrooms has mushroomed. I live along the wooded Blue Ridge Parkway and recently the right combination of damp dark weather followed by sunshine has resulted in a virtual mushroom invasion. On my daily walks to the mailbox I find these spore-bearing fruit bodies of fungus popping everywhere. I don’t know most of their real names so I have nicknamed them thusly:

1. A Hole in Smurfette’s Hat
2. Coffee Grounds on Donut
3. Forrest Corsage
4. Candy Cane Zombies
5. Foam Rubber Flower
6. Dish TV
7. Nesting Dolls
8. Saucer Landing
9. I Hope it Wasn’t Poison
10. This One Takes the Cake

Note: I know #3 looks like lichen but it had a mushroom stem. See yesterday’s Mushroom’s Among Us HERE.


I'd SAY your interest has mushroomed!! Wow! Those are some cool looking mushrooms! Numbers 3, 4, and 7 are really intriguing!

I'm envious. I don't have that kind of variety of mushroom in my immediate vicinity. I blame it on the cows.

Boy am I getting jealous and feeling very competitive! Isn't that weird that I feel this way...I need to grow up a little. I love your photos!!

The variety of them amazes me!

those candy canes look like Indian pipes, but I've never seen them that color!

I thought so too but the color threw me. But I did a little googling and it turns out they are Indian Pipes, which are not actually a fungi. http://www.pbase.com/455rocket/image/66582566 See here.

WOW - we need to go on a mushroom hunt here and see what we can find! these photographs are intriguing to say the least. we had a few weeks of gloomy, cool weather followed by several warm, sunny days. now we are chilly and damp with a few sunbreaks in the forecast. should be something of interest out there! i really have enjoyed these last 2 posts - fascinating...thanks!

These are amazing, Colleen...! I've never seen such a variety of Mushroons--I feel really stipud because I had no idea there were so very many varieties---(Your previous post is extrordinary, too!
AND, I LOVE the names you have given them...! They are really perfection!

Wonderful photos, Colleen! I love the creative names you gave them. I have never seen striped Indian pipes before--amazing.
Thanks for the fun posts about fungi! (I would say something about you being a fun gal, but that would be WAY too awful a pun! :-)

A mushroom went to a bar and ordered a beer. The bartender said, "We don't serve food"! The mushroom said, "Oh I am just a fun--guy." ha ha ha
I still can not get over all these mushrooms being in your yard!! Amazing! xo

All this Fun ... Gee, it's cracking me up.

Oh, I love the candy canes! I've never seen those before!

3 is pretty. 4 looks like Indian Pipe with a dye job.

I wish I knew the poisonous from the non poisonous. I hate it when the dogs break over one I thought was pretty. I always feel sorry for it.

Debbie (http://www.greenerpastures-- citygirlgoescountry.blogspot.com/) said come see yours. So I have. Ahhhhh. Yes. You show me yours, I'll show you mine. Come see: www.giuliapagano.blogspot.com

I LOVE the name game. Wish I'd thought of that one m'self. I only did it with a couple of them. Will do that in the future. If there is one. Takes a LONG TIME to become small enough to walk amongst them.....

Enjoyed it. Thanks.

PS. And yeah, the candy canes were wild. I haven't seen any of those yet. But sure hope to now.


oh wow, we're havign a good year for fungi too, but this selection is amazing. The candy cane zombies especially, looking like a garishly coloured version of our dead mens' fingers.

Do you remember how much nana loved looking for mushrooms?
These are really something!
If the orange ones I found today glow tonight (which I read does happen at night), I'll send you a picture that you can post.

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