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Fairy Tales Can Come True

Fairy Tales Can Come True … It can happen to you … if you’re young at heart … That’s the song that Ceremonialist Katherine Chantal broke out singing while she was marrying our good friend Jeri at the age of 50+. Jeri looked the ‘young at heart' part in her long flowing white peasant gown and ivory woven shawl. She had flowers draped down her long hair.
Gee, I didn’t even know Jeri had a new boyfriend when I read the “Save the Date” wedding announcement in the August issue of our community’s monthly newsletter, the Museletter. She knew most of us would be surprised, and so she ended the announcement with her phone number for “questions and expressions of amazement.” In her front page wedding announcement the following month, she posted the time of the wedding in Eastern Standard and “Floyd Time.”
So I met the groom, Mark, for the first time at the Sun Music Hall, where the wedding took place. I couldn’t get over what a kindred match-up he and Jeri seemed to be. They actually looked like each other. And so did Jeri’s kids, who stood up for her. I never realized how much they looked alike until I saw them lined up together.
During the champagne toast Jeri’s daughter Amity (who played a flute solo during the ceremony) shared some humor. Jeri’s son Zach assured those of us who were just meeting Mark that he had the heart to match his mother’s compassionate nature. A sigh of relief, followed by some hooting and hollering, filled the Hall.
Sally Walker sang to Chris Luster (on bass) and Billy Miller’s instrumentation. Vases of fall flowers adorned the long tables of potluck feast. I couldn’t stop staring at the colorful turnout of people, some I hadn’t seen in years. It was a virtual "Who's Who' of the old Floyd alter-native community and beyond.
The celebration spilled out onto the Winter Sun deck where we enjoyed drinks and conversation, Eggplant Lasagna, beet greens, pesto, salmon and so much more.
Our kids are having kids now and boy, are they ever cute ... and funny!
There were plenty of Wedding cookies, apple crisps and pies for dessert. Unfortunately, I missed the cutting and eating of cake, but not before snapping a picture of it. I left early to conserve my energy for coming back to the Winter Sun building that night for the Café Del Sol Spoken Word Open Mic and to celebrate my friend Jayn’s birthday. Blessings and love to Jeri and Mark!

Post notes: A video clip of the Hand Fasting Ceremony can be viewed HERE. A clip of Zach’s wedding toast and the crowd's response to it is HERE.


I always get teary-eyed at the weddings of people of a certain age. It's wonderful when they find each other.

Thanks so much for this fabulous post, Colleen!! Wish we had been able to be there. David and I just celebrated our 16th Anniversary and I can attest that marriages at 50+ years are the best!! We are so thrilled for Jeri!

hope for me yet..My son says that ship is sailed Ha ha My husband passed on in 2003 ..

The animal was a hedgehog- Iput it on my blog because Bob T Bear's alter ego has a hedgie house in her garden and he goes in and out haha

We're seeing Josh this upcoming weekend, followed by a day of babysitting Bryce. So coming up soon ...

Actually Jeri and Mark have been seeing each other for years. Jeri had kind of given up on moving forward in the relationship. Then when she had her back problems, Mark was really there for her and again the relationship flowered. He kept mentioning the advantages of their being married and one day when he said something to that effect she said "OK, let's do it." She didn't hear from him for a couple of days, then when they spoke she said, "I really scared you didn't I" and he said, "No, I've been really thinking about it" and so it goes. Jeri has been the happiest contemplating this step as I've ever seen her. Congrats to both. I too really enjoyed that wedding, old hippies sure know how to party.

Thanks for this backdrop, Chris. And did I mention that Jeri was barefoot. Once a flower child always one.

Oh, I love that. And the purple in the flowers and cake, of course! That's a very comfortable wedding. They should all be that fun and pleasant. :)

Hey Colleen.

What a beautiful ceremony. Beautiful town, beautiful people beautiful everything.

It's odd how I catch myself thinking about Floyd every once and a while...I miss the beauty. It's so much harder for me to find it in the city sometimes.

I hope that you and yours are well.
Best Regards,

Very nice write up, as always. xo
PS Makes me wish I was there with you.

What a lovely connection for them to have found. The hand-clasping vows are strong and wise.

Looks to be a most joyous affair. I enjoyed the photos and loved the words, "our kids are having kids". Thats kind of where I am in my life right now.

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