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13: Double Take

132.jpg 1. This is the time of year when I put on socks, and the butter in the butter dish is no longer the consistency of mayonnaise.

2. Have you noticed how the Jonas Brothers look like the Hanson Brothers with dark hair?

3. Double take would make a good name for a second hand clothing shop.

4. I once had a recycling bumper sticker on my car that said “Once is Not Enough.” Under that one I had second one, confirming that “Once is Not Enough.”

5. Shopping for men’s shirts at the thrift shop is like looking through Hallmark cards for Father’ Day… hunting scenes, plaids, and stripes is all you get.

6. The chant “Drill Baby Drill” at the RNC separated the boys from the men. And by men I mean drunken sailors on the make.

7. Tina Fey at the Emmys on playing Sarah Palin: "I want to be done playing this lady November 5th. So if anybody can help me be done playing this lady November 5th that would be good for me." Hint hint…

8. But it was Laura Linney who made the best discreet political reference of the night. While accepting her award for her role in the John Adams mini-series she made the comment that our Founding Fathers were community organizers.

9. The economic crisis: This is what less government (The Republican motto) gets us. Privatization without oversight means a free for all, but it always falls in the end, sadly, on the backs of the taxpayers.

10. The Katrina catastrophe was another example of how less government works (or doesn’t). Bush considered FEMA an “entitlement program,” so he demoted its status and appointed inexperienced cronies to run it, dismantling the progress that Clinton had made. The rest is sad history.

11. A sure sign that I’ve been watching too many political shows and that the economic crisis is having an affect on me: I dreamt that I had two flat tires in an old car I no longer own. PBS News Hour commentator Mark Shields was my mechanic. I trusted his Boston accent and his familiar face that looks like my father’s did, so I turned over the keys and said, “I know you’re smart. I’ve seen you on TV.” He charged me a couple of thousand dollars to fix the car, and when I demanded to know why, he showed me the elaborate waiting room in his garage, part of the tacked on cost.

12. I just learned that Mark Shields is from Weymouth Massachusetts, about eight miles from where I grew up and where I lived and worked for six years. The drug dealer the movie Blow was based on, played by Johnny Depp, is also from Weymouth. So is Hal Holbrook.

13. Supposedly I should have looked like THIS when I graduated from high school in 1968. But I really looked like THIS. What did you look like in 1968? Yearbook yourself HERE.

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I enjoyed this, Colleen. I especially liked the recycled thought as well as the men's shirts thought.

Very clever list. Happy T13!

I love this 13! I agree with nearly everything, and I caught Linney's comment at the Emmy's and laughed! I hope Tina is DONE with that on 11-5 also!

I did the high school thing and it stunk!

Great list. I look a bit different now then in HS. Add 50 pounds and turn my brown hair blonde...Voila!!! Happy TT:)

I loved Laura Linney's comment - it was like YEA!!!

I missed the Tina Fey comment - but, I am more that willing to help her never have to play that woman again after 11/5!!!!

Love your 13 this time...

Colleen, I CAN'T post that photo, it was just tooooooo weird. Maybe I'll try another one.

You were way cuter in real life.

#2 yes I did notice. Thought it was "just my age"

Oh, that yearbook site was a time-sink! Lots of fun, though. Thanks for posting it!

I'd like to help Tina Fey out as well. Badly. Because according to their side, the economy is strong - last week. This week, we should not debate the issue. :)

What a cool concept for a TT! I think Double Take is a great name for a resale shop.

That was a little about everything ! I also put on socks now and start my mourning because the summer is over ! You made me loose 1h to create my Yearbook picture but nothing fit there were no blond girls ! isn't that amazing ? You looked lovely as teen !

I posted a comment but can't see it ?

Love the two "once is not enough" bumper stickers. LOL.

I thought Johnny Depp did a pretty decent job with a Boston accent, didn't you?

Yes, he didn't mangle it. It didn't get in the way of the movie for me like some phony accents get. Actors get confused by the Kennedy accent which is a whole different take on the Boston accent.

cute bumper sticker; medium makes the message, message.

men need to rise up for a clothing revolution. and I need to ask those men who I see wearing clothes where they find them. they can't all shop in Montreal or Europe.

great list!

thanks for dropping by over at my place. your heartfelt comment is very welcome.

OMG! That #2 is totally scary. I barely survived the "Uhmpa" fever. Ugh!

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