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Child's Play

1. Powered by the Sun
2. Baby's Moon Roof
3. Flights of Fancy
4. Fleeting Youth

Post Note: The above photos were taken last Wednesday when my grandson Bryce's sister Kaylee and I babysat for him while his mother went to a class.


Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I love the pictures!

Popping by to see what's going on in your neck of the woods. And I was rewarded with a partial photo of that delightful grandson of yours! Love the pudgy legs.
Enjoyed all your photos and always enjoy the little clever commentary that goes with it.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Hi via Michele!

Great pictures both on this post and throughout. I enjoyed the "Tolkien Tree." I was reminded of a few years back when my family and I were hiking and my ten year old son was swinging his trekking pole around. I asked him what in the world he was doing and he responded, "fighting orcs."


I liked all of the photos. You seem to have a very happy life. :-)

Michele sent me. :-)

Lovely shots!!

these photos were emotionally touching - they depict such innocence. i especially love the one of kaylee blowing the bubbles. and where, may i ask, are the new photos of bryce - are you holding out on us for a future post?! ;)

I was trying to stay with the theme but knew that some would want more photos of Bryce. I'll be seeing him again this coming Saturday and will definately have my camera on hand.

These photos are so gorgeous! Whoo hoo! You have a beautiful way of depicting life!

where is he I am searching for him Bryce where are you ??GReat images by the way

moon roof and bubbles. lovely places to rest.

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