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Ten Fingers and Toes

1. I now have a folder on my desktop titled “Bryce Gabriel.”
2. He was born May 14, 2008 at 2:45 a.m. weighing a whopping nine pounds and a couple of ounces, just like his dad, Dylan, did when he was born in 1982.
3. I used up all the memory space on my camera and ran down the battery taking photos at the hospital on Wednesday afternoon. That's mom and dad and Bryce's big sister Kaylee in the above photo.
4. First time uncle, Josh thought he was going to be making pottery that morning but changed his plans when he heard the news and drove from Asheville to Roanoke to meet Bryce.
5. I put my reading glasses on so I could clearly see every wisp of wonder and read every facial expression on his 13 hour old face.
6. "He’s so cute!!! OMG! He's the cutest baby I've seen in a long time. He’s a living doll! He’s brilliant! I’m so happy for them, and Wow!” were some of the comments from other family members after seeing the photos I emailed that night. A video Joe took of me meeting my grandson is HERE.


congratulations! that video made me all teary-eyed.... every new baby is a miracle. beautiful grandson...

Oh my! He's a cutie, that's for sure!! Congratulations Colleen!!! Does it feel surreal? I would think so.

Congratulations on the birth of your grandson! He is adorable :-)

Happiness to all!

Congrats, Colleen! He's gotta be your most adorable first grandson yet!

Today is the first day since Wednesday that my feet are back on the ground. We went again last night to see him and now I'm counting the hours till the next time.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I feel like I got a grand baby for my birthday, the best gift ever.


I cried watching you on the video. How very awesome. My congratulations to all involved!!!

And, have a great birthday!!!!

Colleen, he is adorable and sweet and I envy you those kisses on his fat cheeks!! Congratulations! YOu're entering a very good phase of your life!

He's a beautiful boy, Colleen. Congratulations! I know you'll love being a Grandma.
And Happy Birthday to both of you!

Congratulations! And the video is wonderful!! Happy Birthday. What a great gift!

Congratulations all around! Fantastic! What a special event.

Congratulations. What a beautiful baby, and what a lovely family!

oh, goodie, a new subject for more colleen stories! he is so precious...a beautiful baby, and my congrats go out to the whole family! what a wonderful springtime gift, this new life.

i loved the video. you wear your joy very well, colleen! beautiful to see you 2 together for the first time. i am sure i speak for most of the readers when i say we will expect plenty of photos of this very handsome boy! :))

i just went to your link of dylan as a child...and the story of him offering you a sip of your own breast milk is a hoot! at least you raised a generous child! LOL

Beautiful grandson, Colleen. Now you begin the wonderful adventure of teaching (and spoiling!)this new little person.

So precious. Congratulations!

Happy New Baby Day and Happy Birthday! I'm sitting here crying just watching that video. Colleen, you're wearing your heart on your face. :-)

Hurray! The video is so wonderful. I see that Sunny is wishing you a happy birthday. Congratulations on having and keeping your family together. That's a real accomplishment.

I am also glad you have Joe. He's a real gift.

He's beautiful! Congratulations to all of you. And Happy Birthday too. xoxo

Saw the video - cried tears of overwhelming happiness for you and this miracle named Bryce- great name by the way . I thought of you holding and kissing your own sons and how life refreshes us again and again just when we need it .!!

Happy Birthday and he is in the realm of Babydom- very cute!!!!

Oh Colleen.........I am crying my eyes out too. I love the dedication to Dylan when he was getting married. I miss our babies. You are going to have a blast with Bryce he is so cute and perfect. xo

Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations, to all of you!

Congratulations, Granny Colleen! He's magnificent, and I'm so happy for all of you.

May he be blessed. He's lucky to have picked such a WONDERful family.

Congrats to all of you.

(going to watch Joe's video now).

Ohhhh... happy happy new grandchild, Colleen! What a wonderful day to be born, too! From what I've heard, good things happen on May 14th. :)

Happy birthday to you too!

I'll bet these events being so close is a fine, fine inkling into a future of wonderful happenings.

Baby, of course, is absolutely beautiful.

Oh, I missed that news.

Bryce looks very cherished and welcomed into the fold.

Such happy photos.

Congrats to all! Man, do your sons ever look like you!!
Oh, to be 13 hours old!!!

That's so nice to hear. Most people think they look more like their father.

May 14 is a good day to be born... that's also the day I entered the world, believe it or not!

Happy Birthday, Jeanne. I'm visualizing you on top of a ferris wheel and coming to visit soon. I'm so behind in blog time.

Congratulations, Colleen and family! What a handsome little guy. :-) It was fun seeing you moving and talking.


Congratulations!! what a sweet baby!
enjoyed seeing you in the video too :)

Well....that'll teach me, won't it? Haven't been here for awhile, drop by to see what's going on and holy cats! You're now a grandmother!
Seriously, Colleen.......sending all of you huge congratulations and best wishes.
Baby Bryce is just gorgeous! My first grandchild weighed 9 lb. 5 oz. and Bryce reminded me a lot of Chas. I love pudgy babies.
And a huge congrats to both you and Joe on becoming grandparents for the first time! It's a wonderful journey, so enjoy all the special moments yet to some.

Wow! I stay away for a month a look what happens - new life! Congrats on becoming grandparents. Bryce Gabriel is such a lovely, strong, musical, just name. My best wishes to you Colleen. Absolutely wonderful news.

What a darling baby, Colleen. You must be in Seventh Heaven and bursting your buttons with joy! Congratulations to ALL! He is a little treasure.

Congrats Colleen! What a beautiful baby. Sorry it took me so long to comment, just catchin' up. Enjoy being a grandma!

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