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Mother’s Day

Friend: Colleen, has the baby come yet?
Me: No, but they’re coming up to Floyd today, so I’ll get to see the belly.
My son Dylan, his wife Alexis, and her daughter Kaylee treated me to lunch for Mother’s Day. After lunch, we had tea and coffee at the Blackwater Loft (pictured above), followed by a selection of chocolates from Nancy’s Candy in the Village Green. The baby boy (my first grandchild) is due any day.

Post notes: In other news, my friend Elisha’s Blessingway was cancelled today because she went into labor. Joe and I watched “August Rush” last night, which turned out to be a tearjerker about a reunion of a mother and son. I'm supposed to be headed over to Full Circle Farm to take photos of their Mother's Day Open House Plant Sale, but it's raining.


Happy Mother's day to you! August Rush is an amazing movie. Absolutely love it.

Michele sent me over!

Happy Mother's Day! I'm delighted that the people in your life celebrate you! Hurray!

(Boy that Kaylee seems to really like you - you know, souls find each other.)

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Hope you have a great and blessed Mother's Day, Colleen!

It rained here too, Colleen, but it didn't dampen our spirits! I hope you grandbaby comes soon - and well!

Michele sent me.

i loved 'august rush', also. another one you'd like is 'martian child'. along somewhat similar lines, dealing with a boy in foster care. happy mother's day (a day late) :)

We saw Martian Child and loved that one too. Did you see the older movie "All About a Boy." Good one as well.

Happy Mother's Day right back at you all.

belly doing well??

Happy Mother's Day (belatedly) to an amazing mother, writer, and blogfriend!

I loved your photos of the open house plant sale. I couldn't believe what a yucky yucky day it started out being. I didn't think I was ever going to get through the heavy rain/winds to moms.

I am excited about your grandbaby...I know you have to be.

Happy Mother's Day Colleen. I meant to be over yesterday. This weather has had us on and off line for days and I am so behind!

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