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April Showers

1. A puddle of petals
2. A litter of yellow
3. Not crying over spilled flowers


They have a beauty all their own, even if gravity has done its thing.

Michele sent me to let you know I'm still debating what we'll be having for lunch.

Very nice! I especially like how the pink petals and gray concrete are juxtaposed--the natural with the manmade.

Ah, Springtime! Love it. I walked around NYC today taking pix of all the lovely flowers. (Not spilled at all!) Enjoyed your photos. Here via Michele tonight. Have a great weekend.!

Your table setting is so pretty...all my little yellow forsynthia have disappeared now.

Colleen I posted my 6 word memoir this morning (at the end of my post and pictures).

I love the one of the bright green watering can and forsythia blossoms on the tabletop. The tabletop looks like ice. The contrast of color and texture is very striking.

bright green watering cans are good things.. in the spring.

Another set of great pictures and captions. I wish I could see some April Showers. xo

The one thing I miss year after year are the flowers of the north - domestic and wild -picking them seeing them waiting for them,loving them...cherish them for me sandy they go sooo soon.

It's been a miserable cold and rainy Spring here - awful watching the daffodils bend under the strain and the blossom fall off the trees prematurely...

Michele sent me to show me we're not the only ones struggling with Spring 'showers'...


We had so many petals from the ornamental pears that it looked like snow for several days!

Beautiful puddle of pettels.. Thanks for sharing

I love the 2nd pic! "A sprinkle of yellow!" or "These petals are canned!"

1st could be, "Petals Cornered!"

3rd..."Trickling Down!"

Ooh, I missed this post. Lovely warms of blossoms.

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