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The Word Diet Experiment

sketchpadk.jpg I'm full to capacity from working on a major, long piece of writing. Only flashes of poetry and sketches of words with no goals are allowed on today's word diet. When I finally slowed down enough, and emptied myself of distraction, this is what I saw:

Joe in his camouflaged overalls and wool hat, coming back from the mailbox, standing still in the middle of the dirt road driveway reading our finished tax forms with the dog at his feet, drinking from a puddle.

Watching hail pelt on the top of my black CRV from the second story bedroom window while onions mixed with pesto are sizzling in the skillet and it's almost time to add the tuna steaks.

Wayne Dyer on PBS, quoting Lao Tzu, I'm watching with a pen in my hand and an envelope to scribble on. Joe's face is bathed in sunlight and his eyelids are growing heavy. I used to love the rainbows reflected off his full head of black hair. Now that he's graying, they're harder to see.

On the way back from town after renting a movie, knowing I still need some down time, I notice the evening sky and the new moon shaped like a pink lip-glossed smile. I never get tired of seeing the moon, or the sunset go down behind Buffalo Mountain, like I never tire of seeing crocuses and daffodils in spring.

Post note: The above was prompted by Sunday Scribblings, the subject: experiment. The sketch pad belongs to my friend, artist Karen Limke.


Incredible, I watched Wayne Dyer today too. I have just ordered my copy of the Tao online. Nice post.

so in love with this sketch pad.

Good Insight and Imagery! xo

I love how you scan and pause on the poetry of your life!

Holy cow! I don't know what happened! I kept getting a message that my comment submission had failed so I kept trying. I guess they were wrong! Sorry to clutter up your comments like this!

Nice imagery! the entire post is very visual! Thanks for a look at your day...

whadda snack... easy flowing collage of words

i am so ready for the daffodils.
but I think they may wait a bit - until its safe to poke their heads out.

here from michele's

i love these moments of awareness... when everything stands still for a moment and we are alert to all that is going on around us.

I also love the moments of awareness. When we work with our youngest writers at school we talk about "the small moments". Here are some good examples

Isn't it interesting how the small moments become the big ones you remember and that by slowing down we can make time last longer.

I really enjoyed this post- you made me feel as if I was watching from the window too..
Michele sent me- I'm glad she did!

Wasn't that smiling moon just awesome? Even my aesthetically anesthetized wife commented on it!

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