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Overheard at the Post Office

Animated Woman: If Obama is president the black people are gonna take over. They’ll line us white people up and shoot us.

Postal Clerk: I think you should go home and go back to bed so you can wake up again.


I agree...Where do people come up with this stuff??????

Oops...forgot to tell you that Michele sent me this time...

I wonder what she thought when Dubya was elected?

She also said something like: Hillary or Obama, can it get any worse? I would have said but only thought of it when I was back in my car, "We're leaving the worst that it's ever been. It can only get better."

Well I guess this woman was feeling like blacks have felt for a long time. Hurray for the postal clerk!

I am getting some email about the election that is just about that stupid. I have chided nearly everyone who send stuff against the candidates, because much of it isn't true (especially where Obama is concerned).

My heckles rise when any one says it is either a black or a woman.

What happened with person?

And I am Indian, nothing to do with US elections.
We have had a woman Prime Minister, now we have a woman President.

oh, Michele sent me

I truly marvel that this president was not impeached long ago, especially taking our young people in a country that did not attack us???I'm still so in shock interesting enough, we live in a Bible belt. I asked students whom their parents were voting for last election George - a year later you could ask and they would hang their heads. No one speaks about it - a huge mistake..Obama just is not ready- her could line homself with people but he's all voice and no record- always voted present- doesn't stand on any issue

Good golly.

I would have told her the world would be so much better off without ignorant people like her even getting a vote. I so despise people like her.

Amazing what falls out of people's mouths. Love that the postal clerk gave some good advice.

Listen at all you all's words. Hate, and no compassion. Your words are just as bad as the woman who said what she did. But is words like what you say only permissible when said by "liberals", or "peace loving" people like you. It seems your kind have a double standard, condemn anyone who doesn't conform to your views and use any words to describe or condemn them. Your views is not the savior this country needs.

WOW! Hard to belief. I actually hope he gets in...but then I'm not down there but I'll be watching closely from up here in Canada.

After I moved out of New Jersey, I was surprised to learn of all the prejudiced people in the country, like this is 1950 or something. I'm very excited about Obama but I'm afraid there are too many close-minded people in America for either a black man or a woman to win. I'm so afraid they're going to vote in more of the same because of their prejudices and this country is in dire straits already.

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