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On the Spot Shots

1. Distracted
2. Two-faced moon
3. Triangle angle
4. Fashion Feng Shui

Post notes: 1. Downtown window. 2. Kitchen window. 3. View from my cellar stairs. 4. In Feng sui, the Chinese art of right design placement, splashes of red are said to bring good luck and overcome negative energy.


Thanks for the photo shots. I liked looking those over. I like red colour.

Michele sent me your way today!

Nice photos...Your moon is very pretty - Scarlett has one like that -

Oooh. Pool table. Cool.

We got the pool table for $600 at Sears when the boys were older teenagers, hoping it would keep them around a little longer. Now I have one individual with disabilities that I support that uses it intently. It's also a good place to store junk, underneath.

I'm going to put on something RED, Immediately! LOL! Good to know!

Will splashes of red bring buskets of green?

$$, I mean.

Yes! Red is for romance, health, and wealth. See here: http://www.beliefnet.com/story/9/story_948_1.html

is it working ?The feng shui??

And red says "I have confidence!" Good to know the other things too! I love that first picture, it made me laugh.

oh, such fun photos (as usual)!

I'll have to go find some red to splash into my outfit.

I guess all these years, I've just been a splashy person, and didn't even know it. :)
Michele sent me to say Happy Saturday.
~S :)

I always liked the color red too and especially since it is in our name. xox

Love these shots, perspectives, colors. Your poetry comes through your camera lens.

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