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Snowy Day

1. Barring bad weather
2. Snowy white beard
3. The cold shoulder
4. Dog in need of a sled
5. Escape

Post notes: All of the photos above were taken on the morning of 1/17/08 after waking up to our first photo worthy winter snowfall. HERE is a previously posted poem to accompany them, which I may read tonight at the Spoken Word open mic if it's not canceled because of more snow.


that's the one thing I am missing in Southern AZ. everyone is talking about their snow, and I have NONE. I may need to drive up to the mountains for some this week.
Have fun! Beautiful photos.
Michele sent me.

Glad to see snow in Floyd...hopefully, it's not too hard to live with for you.

I'd love some snow instead of the incessant rain. Thank you for your visit.

Hey! I posted pictures of our snow over at my place too.

It's so nice to see snow again, I was afraid I wouldn't witness it until I moved back up to Virginia again but the Gods of weather were smiling at me.

:) we still have reminders of our monday snow left on the landscape. it was beautiful for several days even though it never dipped lower than freezing any night. why it stayed so long i don't understand. i hope we will have another snowfall soon when i am not sick and can go out and enjoy it!

Beautiful snowy pictures. I always find snow inspiring, I must be part polar bear.

The weatherfolk got us all worked up in anticipation of some real snow, but all we got was the lightest dusting and blasts of cold, cold air.

I miss my mountains and their never fail snowfalls.

the tranquil new snow is my heart , however I've been known to stay up all night to watch it fall with just one solitary candle or light

i love snow when it falls on you
(or Michele)

I'm glad it wasn't called off, Colleen. I read your entry and felt like I was there. The backdrop of snow just sealed the atmosphere that much more.

Beatiful picrtures of picturesque snow....The best way to see it, from my point of ciew...(LOL)!

Whether we have two inches or two feet of snow I am learning this winter that it is a wonderful subject for photos. I love the white beard picture. I went back and read the poem... nice.

Great pictures but the second won frightened me at first. I thought you'd found a frozen man!

#1 In winter, nothin' swings quite as much!

#2 getting to the crux of winter!

#3 Be back in the spring!

#4. Tracking down winter!

#5 Cabin fever broke!

I love these!

# 2 is a pottery face pot that Josh made a long time ago. It sits in a tree and watches the birds at the feeder.

Ruth, you're the caption queen!

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