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She Loves Meme, She Loves Meme Not

awsum.jpgThe following is by no means an exclusive list of my loves and hates, just the ones that came to me in the moment, after Deana passed on the following meme questions to me.

I love to eat: My farm fresh egg man Ed is number one on my speed dial, so that should tell you something. I also like to eat vegetables I’ve grown in my garden.

I hate to eat: Processed foods and potlucks with not enough protein served because too many carbs make me terribly tired. I hate to eat store bought, so called party food, salad dressings with sugar in them, and olives. yes%20no.jpg

I hate to go: To yet another yearly CPR class, the dentist, or the hospital. I hate to go anywhere near a city when I’m driving.

I love to go: Barefoot because it means it’s warmed up. I especially love to go barefoot on the sand at the ocean. I love to go for days on end without any commitments scheduled.

I love it when: I finish a story I’ve been working on; The story I was working on comes out in the paper and there are no typos in it; I wake up in the middle of the night and feel Joe’s presence and am grateful for all he does and who he is. I love it when I dream about my brothers and my dad (who have passed away), or dream about my sons as little boys and hear their sweet child voices again. bgood.jpg

I hate it when: My back goes out; My computer breaks down; I think I may have hurt someone’s feelings; I don’t have the energy to do what I want to do; and when the networks run reruns and it isn’t even summer.

I love to see: A thrift shop bargain in just the right fabric, color and size. I love a good PBS special that I didn’t know was on and I just happen upon. The last one I saw was “The Jewish American.” Before that it was “Pioneers in Television,” and Ken Burns’ “The War.” I love to see the numbers go down on the scale, the sunset, a starry night sky, the inside of a kaleidoscope, and Target Ads on TV. luv.jpg

I hate to see: My dog full of burdock burrs, squirrels at the bird feeder, ads selling drugs on TV like they were the latest fashion, corporations that put profit over people’s health, the rising rates of autism, and the Bush administration not being held accountable for misleading the country into the Iraq invasion.

I love to hear: The sound of the woodstove blower on a cold morning when I’m still in bed and I realize that Joe stoked the fire before going off to work. I love to hear birdsong, children playing, a warm breeze rustling the tree branches, a song that makes me get up and dance, and the letter V. not.jpg

I hate to hear: “It’s your turn to drive,” or my Asheville potter son Josh say, “Mom, my fingers are being held together by super glue. (He said that to me once when he was working too much.) I also hate to hear “That’s not a word,” when I’m playing Scrabble, the dog barking at the moon in the middle of the night, and people yelling at their kids.

Feel free to say what you love and don't in a comment, or tell me if you do this meme so I can come by and read. In the Meme-time, I’m tapping Bonnie, Country Dew, Sarah and Pearl to do this one if they feel so inclined.


I'd rather be flogged and tarred than drive in the city, it makes me nervous wreck (and I'm sure the drivers around me aren't any more comfortable). I miss being barefoot, six more weeks of winter...

Michele sent me - and I'm glad she did - this is too much fun not to play along:

I love to eat: Chocolate, cake, anything yummy and otherwise bad for me.

I hate to eat: DIET FOOD, vegetables, and crow :)

I hate to go: to the dentist
I love to go: to sleep
I love it when: I have the house to myself
I hate it when: There's not enough time to get everthing done one my to do list.

I love to see: a great pair of shoes. In my size. On sale.
I hate to see: the state of the economy and a government that doesn't care, the rising rates of autism.

I love to hear: the sound of my girls' voices - their laughter, in particular

I hate to hear: my husband ask me, "what did you DO all day?" grrr.

You are on...I will post my answers tomorrow...Loved yours!!!

I love to eat: grilled salmon on alder wood and salads with walnuts, blueberries, and crumbled blue cheese nestled among the grape tomatoes, greens, mandarin oranges and grilled chicken drizzled in basil vinaigrette. i am also a piglet for key lime pie and banana pudding on special occasions.

I hate to eat: i don't eat beef, lamb, or any wild game meats. i don't like Indian deserts, things with too much salt, chestnuts, any kind of liver, sauerkraut, raw oysters, or sushi.

I love to go: to the coast, the theatre, San Francisco, the northern Cascades, on road trips, ferry rides, whale watching, to bookshops, thrift shops, consignment stores, on picnics, bird watching.

I hate to go: to the gynecologist, dentist, hospital, on long plane trips.

I love it when: the ocean lulls us to sleep, our stellar's jay follows us around the garden, the irises and Asian lilies bloom, it snows but the streets remain clear, my husband snuggles, the gray jays eat peanuts from our hands at mt. baker, we get a perfect photography shot of a great moment, we have a thunderstorm.

I hate it when: i have to have surgery, i hear sad or scary news, i have to drive in bad weather, my husband has to work really late, vacation plans have to be changed, plane departures are delayed, traffic is backed up, children have temper tantrums in public, the phone rings in the middle of night, we are at war, people are intolerant of each other, the electricity goes out.

I love to see: whales fluking their tails, american bald eagles, hummingbirds, squirrels hiding nuts in the gardens, deer and elk grazing, an infant, snow on the boughs of our giant sequoia, people kite surfing on the Pacific, fireworks, neon lights, broadway plays, christmas lights, my husband smile, a litter of puppies.

I hate to see: an incompetent leader, poverty in our streets and around the world, global warming and people being indifferent, news stories about murdered women, racism, sexism, elderly people alone and scared, children being moved from foster home to foster home (and still being abused), nursing home patients who cannot advocate for themselves, the loss of our constitutional rights.

I love to hear: my husband snoring, good news from my doctor, the symphony, light jazz, especially the saxaphone, good cabaret, the sound of my husband coming in the door, my mother's voice, a train.

I hate to hear: bad news, sensationalism on the news, someone crying, a car crash in the distance, a siren, an animal cry or whimper, that ANOTHER republican could win this election!

I love Fridays more than Mondays ha have a splendid week

Great list Colleen. Here's a Reader's Digest version of mine...the first answers that popped into my head:

1. Love to eat: anything Italian, good bread, and chocolate ice cream
2. Hate to eat: raisins and undercooked hamburger meat
3. Hate to go: for a mammogram
4. Love to go: on road trips
5. Love it when: I sit on the deck at Blackberry Ridge
6: Hate it when: my body feels older than I do
7. Love to see: people helping each other
8: Hate to see: old buildings being torn down
9. Love to hear: the sound of rain
10.Hate to hear: crying

I love to hear birdsong, too. One of the most cherished experiences in my world. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to have ears that can hear a bird singing.

And burrs! I hate those things too! Such a terrible and painful mess for a puppy.

I have a lot the same as you re: food! I love when people know I'm diabetic and have something I can eat!
I LOVE 2nd hand stores and sales!

And I do SO hate not having the energy or the good muscles to do all the things I want to do! I hate when exercise hurts me!

Hi Colleen
Wishing you a happy Monday!
I enjoyed this post very much!
I'm just heading off to work, so have no time to leave any of my loves or hates.
Oh, just one....
I hate it when my hubby asks...did you go through your books yet?
Ive been trying to do this for a while now...need to get rid of some of them, as just have too many, but it's so hard for me to
get rid of "old friends"


Here is a a great picture that represents your love of Bush


Ha! What to they recommend we take to alleviate our suffering from it?

i loved you loves.... and hated most of your hates. :) fun to read....

Great list, Colleen. It made me feel good to read the things you love. Thanks for tagging me for the meme - I don't think I've ever been tagged before! I will certainly do it!

I liked your list too. I could answer some of them just like yours, but then again maybe not. Love & Miss you! xo

I wanna play. I like to go on road trips although i haven't been on one in a long time. I don't like to go to the doctors or to run 20 errands.

I like to eat pomegranates, steamed artichokes with lemon and butter, tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, chocolate and sweet creamy things....
I don't like to eat squid, octopus, veal, lamb, fake crab, shrimp and alot of other things.

I hate to say hate but since everyone else is I will.

I hate it when I am discriminated against because i am a woman.
I hate it when i step in a puddle in my house with my socks on.
I love it when I find feathers in the woods.
I love it when my loved ones are doing well...and happy.

I love to hear music, laughter, crying, water gurgling and splashing, wild animals, my dog Lila doing that cool sound in the back of her throat when i'm massaging her
I hate to hear sirens, power tools, babies cry, angry people

I love the blessed times when I feel so connected and at peace.
I hate the times I am so consumed with fear I can barely breath.

I love spring, red, planting and picking flowers and putting them in vases. I love being so in the moment that I don't care if the pumpkin i just spent 8 hours carving will shrivel up in a few days. I love being in love....with a man, a child, a dog, a song, a poem, a plant, a certain breeze...and maybe on good days....myself.

Thanks Colleen.


holy moly....i knew i was having trouble trying to get it to post but didn't mean to post it 3 times. I hate that.....ha ha.

Comments seems as if they're not taking when they are. I wonder if "Hal" my server (Doug) would have a solution to that. I'll delete the extras. Thanks for the poetic input, Rio. I think you may need a blog!

I love to read your blog!

I knew yours would be great. I so agree about processed party type foods that leave you feeling awful. And that the Bush admin is not held accountable. Though in a way now I am feeling like they will be. Everyone is waiting for it to be over. I liked the cover on Newsweek that had an image of Bush walking down the aisle and said "The party is over." What must it be like to be so hated and for almost (anyone normal) to think you are a moron...an idiot who made so many bad choices. But while I think the party really may be over soon I do wish he and Chaney had to actually pull time for the crimes they have committed.

oooh, I like this one! Might have to steal it ;-)

I'll just say I love: You Coll! And you know our lists are very similar xoxo

I'm not surprised! xo

I too just posted this meme.. and we have some in common. I quite like this meme .. I find it rather telling. :-)

Oh my dear Colleen, your answers are so wonderful...! So poetic and fun and moving, too! I know it has to do with you being a true writer! I enjoyed this very very much!

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