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Low Light Looms Long

1. Alignment
2. Angle
3. Cross reference
4. Behind bars
5. Checkered past
6. Split personality

These days, I’ve been drawn to the late afternoon shadows looming long in the low winter sun. The above photos were taken within an hour of each other late Sunday afternoon. # 2 was the first one I shot, taken at the Floyd library, where I was covering a story on a knitters meeting for the Floyd Press. I then met Joe for an early supper at El Charro’s restaurant. He took photo #4 after telling me that I looked like a zebra. It was at that point that I saw a theme developing. # 3 and 6 were taken on the back porch of El Charros as we were leaving. On our way to the car, we walked through the historic Old Jacksonville Cemetery, reading the old gravestones. From there I saw the grille on the back of the old Mama Lizardo’s building and noticed that if I peered into it I could see through to the front of the building where a truck was parked. The first photo was the last one I took, which I spotted on my way driving home.


Nice shots and titles. Always nice to see Floyd through your eyes.

Very cool theme. I really like the shot of you with the shadows and sun lines.

I'm always trying to experiment with light in my pictures, although my camera is not very high tech in that regard.
Michele sent me.

These are cool photos. I like #4 best. For a few weeks in the summer the sun makes it into my bathroom window through the blinds. But you have more clothes on in your picture.

Michele sent me.

Just dropping over from Michele's to see what I can see. I don't see any zebras, but I'll go along with the scam. Except zebras ain't that pretty.

Split personality, indeed ... Cross reference ... I love your labels. Oh, and the photos too. I come away from your posts wondering how in the world you always come up with such perfect words.

I think the photo naming comes from a long history of word play. And I do like to name things. Two of these titles came as I shot them. The rest I had to stare at and think about. I like the way they look together. And that part comes from years of putting together photo albums and then doing collage.

And sometimes a name comes first before the photo exists. I have a friend named Phil who plays the harmonica. Today I thought, I want to take a photo of Phil playing his harmonica so I can call it The Phil Harmonic. Then I wondered if anyone else had already thought of that.

That's a good series, Colleen. And Hoss is right - you are pretty!

Gee, Colleen, these are WONDERFUL pictures...Truly...I love that you can almost feel and see that there is 3-D depth-quality to them....And I LOVE the 'theme'....Beautiful!

i love #s 4 and 6.

Love your perspectives! You are soooo observant.

I see you have met the pefect magic Valentine, one who would stop by to eat and look at old headstones..

#2 could be Prison Break!
#4 My bar code! Priceless!
#5 Gridlock!

As always.....you have a great imagination and then some.

As I scrolled down, your picture popped up and I laughed out loud. Beautiful!

Ooh, I love 4.

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