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Stepping Out at FloydFest

annabootsll.jpgSeems you can go anywhere on the grounds of FloydFest with a sparkly pink performer’s wrist band, even to the hospitality tent for a complimentary beer on tap. And if your husband is organizing the parking at the festival you’re likely to get a decent parking place and maybe a ride in a golf cart.

Now if you happen to have on shiny new pink boots (always a good FloydFest choice, since you never know what the weather is going to do) and you’re part of the opening act on the first night of FloydFest, you’re bound to get your picture taken, a lot.

“Did you notice that quite a few people were coming up to take your picture while you were playing?” I asked my son’s girlfriend, Anna, the fiddler player for the Barrel House Mamas.
“I sort of did.”

“That’s what happens when you’re playing in Josh’s hometown and word gets out that you’re his girlfriend,” I told her.

“But you know,” I continued, “that guy with the big camera, that was Doug Thompson. He’s covering the festival for the Floyd newspaper. He didn’t know you were my son’s girlfriend. He was probably just drawn your boots. Wearing boots like that could land you on the front page of the Floyd Press,” I said.

Here’s how the FloydFest program describes the Barrel House Mamas: This trio of women from Asheville, NC, conjure the sweet and sultry sounds of the Appalachian Mountains they call home in their robust three part harmonies and original songs. Imagine the old-timey pluck and the twang of claw-hammer, and sometimes contemporary funk, banjo. annaboots2ll.jpgNow lace it with middle-eastern inspired flute lines, the wailing honk of harmonica, and the soulful belting of heartfelt poetry. The result is a sound that is all at once bluesy, rootsy, folk, Americana, a touch of country and truly Mama’s own.

I was thoroughly impressed with their set and a couple of them are staying at my house tonight. Check out a short clip of them HERE. And Josh (wearing a Barrel House Mamas T-shirt) talking pottery to a fellow potter on the FloydFest grounds HERE.


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I love the pink boots.
I love the music.......wish I could have been there too.
How long does it last?
Pretty soon it will be the Marshfield Fair here. It is the longest running fair. I am looking forward to it, but as Nelson says, the only thing that happens when it is here....is it marks the end of summer.

Sounds like fun- I can tell you the traffic in the rest of town is NOT however! Chaos reigns & the police are looking harried.
One of these years I'm going to get to go see FF for myself.

Those boots are magnificent! Move over blue suede shoes...

School starting date was on the front page of the Floyd Press. That really hits me hard on the nearing end of summer.

FloydFest used to be Friday- Sunday, but last year they added Thursday. The band that Anna plays fiddle for opened the show and then theyplay again today mid day. They will be heading right back to Asheville after that, at least I know Josh is. It's hard for him to take any breaks from the kiln building right now.

I'm taking a day off today from Festing. Tomorrow I'm scheduled to perform in the woman's collective piece and maybe read Peter Pan poetry at the coffee bus in the evening. It will be a long day. Joe is working like a dog, heading up the parking. It's a volunteer position but the festival then donates a good sized chunk to the Floyd soccer program of which Joe is one of the coaches. The team is helping him as well.

Sure looks like fun, Colleen...!


I LOVE the boots!!! YAY!

What a fun girl. That's just fabulous!

Pottery... no Harry Pottery?


great post.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend! Michele sends me today, but you know, I've lurked before.

Is there no end to the fun in Floyd?!?

Love the pink boots, white dress look. Good to have a son with good taste, I should think.

I like their music and I love the boots. Perfect color!

Oooh - pink boots! Love 'em.

Colleen, your blog is still not coming up on Bloglines. It is there, but it never shows up as an update (bold print). I wish I knew why!

I think FloydFest sounds like just a wonderful time. Pink boots. Gotta get some of those!

Sounds like another good year for Floyd Fest.
Gotta love those pink boots and the music is great. Keep having fun!

I'll be up at the site all day today. Stay tuned for more photos and phun, or is it fotos and fun?

My daughter and I had big intentions for trying to make the Fest this year. Unfortunately, fates of life decided otherwise. Nevertheless, it is on our 'Must Do' lists without a doubt.

I love the name - Barrel House Mamas. Very Mountain Chic. :-)

And for Kenju: I've had Loose Leaf in my Bloglines for nearly two years now, and the feed has been broken the whole time. It reverts back to an old post she did about her father that still brings a tear to my eye. And it does still serve as a link. Knowing Colleen updates faithfully, I've just gotten in the habit of clicking over, bold NEW POST notification or no.

Hi Colleen love the pink boots.looks like you all had a lot of fun.

Drat! I wished I'd of seen her play, that one I didn't catch.

I envy you the cat empire were they good?

I have to say, I think those boots are just fun. And more so in combination with what they were worn with. :)

Love those pink boots!!! I checked out the Barrell House Mama's site. This ol' Applachian grown girl loves that sound!

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