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A Halloween Costume Contest

Among the costumes posted below is the one I wore at the Winter Sun Spookfest this past Saturday Night. Be the first to guess which one it is and get your name up in lights here at Loose Leaf.
1. Will the
2. Real Colleen
3. Please
4. Stand up.

Post note: Identities will be revealed this weekend.


I vote for #3, teal blue.

It looks like a fun party, we are never too old to play dress up. Have a great Halloween!

i vote #2 ! looks like a lot of fun!!

I'm going with #3, with the mask!

I think it's costume #1

Wow you guys went all out! I love it, I love Halloween and dress up and giving candy to the little darlings! or little devils, they count too!

I say #2 with the purple skirt and black covering too...I considered the blue with the white boa too...but I will stick with #2.

Trick or Treat!!!!!

Well, I think it's safe to say it's *not* number four. :-)

Wow, so much fun. It is like "TO TELL THE TRUTH".......who won the contest?? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

It could be anyone of them but #4...But I'm going to say #3 cause nobody else has!

Not sure but I vote for #2. Something about the way the character standing.

I'm going with the blue costume with the mask...actually, I'm not sure ANY of them are you...lol Are you pulling our leg here?

On quick acquaintance I can't think you could be any of them except for the blue "whateveritis" #3.

I'm with Terri. You are in the blue costume with the animal head and the boa. I think I've seen that blue top before.

I'm voting for the teal outfit as well, but I can't help wondering if your wording means the costume you wore is up there but not necessarily with you in it.... :) Happy Halloween!

number 2 definately :) looks like fun.

#4 idn't it?

Fabulous costumes! I would have been right in my element!

Where's our answer, Colleen???? Which one were you?

I as planning to post the answers over the weekend! I'll give you a hint. It's not #4!

I think #2. Hair looks like it could be yours..same length and colour.

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