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The Ups and Downs of Life

What goes up
Must come down
What goes around
Comes around

Mara and Leigh came over to play Scrabble yesterday. Leigh’s little sister, Mara’s daughter, and friend were with them. More than Scrabble was played.

What do you like to play?


Here from Michele this time.
I have become addicted to Sudoku. Still can't spell it correctly most of the time but.... Oh, yes, Nyssa showed me Text Twist on here and it sucks you right in as well. Right now, it is tooooooo humid to be comfortable doing much outside.

I had to google Sudoku. If it was letters instead of numbers, I'd probably be more interested. Just another thing not to get hooked on, yeah! My sister Sherry took me to play Keno once and I hated it!

But now Text Twist looks up my alley... something like the game Boggle. I feel a craving coming on.

i love trampolines. love them. of late i have been known to enjoy the swings when we take the kids to the park. one time when i was out for a run by myself i stopped, stuffed my ipod into my sports bra, and i played on the swings for twenty minutes. all lone. in the beautiful summer sunshine. it was so incredibly fun.

here via michele's weekender.

Here again for a quick hello from Michele.
Our next door neighbor has one of these, they scare me when the kids get too close to the edge.

Hello, Michele sent me and I say hello from Norway and wish you a great end to your week!
My play: golf I guess but the pics and the children made me wanne try that jumping game again:-)

Looks like the kids had a lot of fun.
I love to play Yahtzee....but haven't played in ages.

Hello, via Michele ;)

Love your blog as i'm a sucker for lots of pics. Loooove pics !

Cheers !

My favorite game is Balderdash with Scrabble running a close second.
I like the trampoline too but I haven't been on mine since my knee troubles last year.

I used to love the trampoline- now I am scared I will hurt myself (duh!) I am a card player myself and I enjoy some board games too.Played too much monopoly with the kids, now I can't stand it. Happy sunday!

As I get older I get more fearful and lose my risk factor. I can't believe I never went on yours when I was just there. It looks like so much fun from those pictures. xo

Love those pictures!!!

I was surprised when my sister got one of those for her kids at how much they shook up your body. I must have a weak bladder is all I can say!

That is actually MY trampoline. It's my main form of exercise, but I don't do anything fancy like Mara does. The only time tramplines can be risky is if you're jumping with other people. Too many jumpers spoil the high.

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