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Back to the Garden

Look who crawled under the netting to the blueberry patch; my 6’ 2" 26 year old son, Josh. He inherited his father’s dislike of mayonnaise and his mother’s love of blueberries.
When he was a little boy he used to set up battles between blueberries and grapes. The blueberries always lost because he ate them.
This time of year, I spend at least an hour each day in the garden. On weekends, my husband joins me. We get paid well for our labor with the green currency of Swiss chard, broccoli, lettuce, and kale.
In August, we’ll strike it rich with the gold of corn and Yukon potatoes.


Lookin' good around the garden! Watch out for chiggers :)

Wish I could come and raid that garden!

Ah, how I miss having a garden! Lately we have been eating a lot of salads with baby greens, feta, blueberries and pine nuts. Having fresh blueberries at my fingers would be so nice!
Your garden looks marvelous!
Here from Michele's!

I can easily see why blueberries would prevail over mayo. Great choice.

I am suddenly compelled to head outside to pick berries wherever I can find them. And I'm hungry. Thanks for the prompt!

Wow-you have a big garden. One day I am going to try that whole gardening thing!

Michele says hi!

Ah-h-h, these are lovely views, Colleen. The joy of the family in the garden. Great to be able to go out there every day and watch the progress.

I'm really impressed with that garden of yours! Lots of work, I'm sure, but you reap what you sow....so definitely worth it.
Great photo of you and Joe...an example of "pictures speak louder than words."

oooh what beautiful summer family pictures :)

really lovely. especially the last one.

enjoy the fruits of your labours.

Oh, I'm so jealous of your gorgeous garden with its abundant yield. Of course, it's my own fault--if I spent an hour a day I could have a bigger garden, though it would probably not rival yours even then! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much.

I hope there was none of those ugly "garden" spiders (the black n yellow ones) in the berries with Josh!
My biggest fear about walking in gardens!!!!!
Becky and I have one going too. It's coming along nicely.

Colleen I love the pictures! You look so happy and content with life. After reading Delane's heartbreaking post today and crying, you made me smile.
Some of the very best things in life are just nature itself, the simple joys, and you have shown that in your post today.
**btw, your son is quite handsome!

How wonderful! blueberries are the best. I took a blueberry bush from the US to Spain but it didn't make it... oh, the authorities didn't notice this *wink* , he liked the warm weather but missed the cold in the winter time. Blueberries are hard to find over here.

I like that last photo a lot.

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