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Now this is My Cup of Tea

winerytea.jpgAKA: What will they think of next?

This is the first time I was served tea with a pyramid shaped teabag that could stand on its own and was taller than the cup the tea was in. My husband’s niece and I snapped picture after picture of it while diners turned their heads to watch. I felt like my blogger friend Carmi, who frequently photographs grocery store produce and recently had close-up photos of tea and cake on his site. wineryteaang.jpg

It’s was also the first time I got served a whitish, seeded fruit that was cut into star shapes and that I couldn’t identify. My husband and others who were at the table are still laughing at my speechless reaction and my drop jaw expression when the server brought out my lunch of tuna and greens served in a wine glass. wineryteastar.jpg

We were at the Chateau Morrisette Winery and I swear no one was drinking anything alcoholic. The tea was delicious! I was ready to describe it as being encased in a sort of mosquito-like netting, but the tea company’s website called it a sachet.


Hi Colleen! Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me use the phrase!

I think those "sachet" tea whatever look nice... I wish I was there snapping picture after picture of those!!!

Have a very nice day!

O-o-o-h, really love the "sachet" idea. Their web site is stunning too. How was the tea????? Great post, Colleen!

So cool! I will have to check out that site then!!:) Have a good day:)

I want a little "sachet." I've never seen that...I am too busy with the wine there to think of tea...but next time I will know.

It is too cute...I wondered how the tuna in a glass was. I looked at it on the menu. We tried the tomato soup and it was WONDERFUL.

Is that star fruit? I have seen it at the grocery store but never served.

Deana, I was going to refer to you as a witness that we were not drinking at out table but realized you were sitting in the other room! It might have been starfruit, which I have only had once before, but I'm not sure. It seemed different than that.

Everything was great (especially the tea) but I wasn't thrilled with my lunch being in a wine glass! I had to spill it out onto a plate. I guess when I read the menu, I blocked that part out and just got attracted to the food part of the description.

I think that is star fruit and it grows in that shape, just cross sectioned. Have to check out that tea site.

what a lovely tea!

and thanks for the flattery. i will be passing it along...*

great bum pic!! can i link to it please????

great! i'll be posting my hnt later tonight and i'll continue with the GreatArseOff and you will be on the list!!!!

love the bumper sticker. i might have to get it on a t-shirt, or would if i wore that kind of t-shirt*

Interesting, is this the better tea bag?

I have seen Tea Forte advertised, but never tasted it. Glad to know you thought it was good. Maybe I'll try some too.

That is starfruit.

Hello from the hills of Seattle.

Sounds like a creative meal, anyway. Did you eat the strange fruit?

enjoyable post. You'd make a great columnist.

This is nifty! And with starfruit! YAY!

Oh my gosh - you are not alone in appreciating lovely little things such as you were enjoying.

We attended a tea service and lecture in a beautiful conservatory of our city's local castle (an industrialist's tribute to his wife in our city's early years, Castle Loma)......and we ooohed and aaahed at just about everything and then... the picture-taking started!! I'm sure we made complete fools of ourselves, eating, sipping and snaping photos!

It was awesome and we just couldn't help ourselves! LOL!

While I have yet to try the pyramid tea bag (your teacup with its leaf sticking out is so cute :)), I would like to order my first flower tea ball....has anyone had one of those? Any recommendations?

Lovely posting by the way! Cheers!

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