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Thirteen Thursday: The Signature

13snowcarwindow.jpg1. I’ve been signing my name xocolleen for a long time now. My spell check wants me to change it to xerox.

2. I’m thinking of buying some jewelry tools. I sold mine when I started doing foster care work 8 years ago, but I’m not doing that much anymore. The idea is to make just enough jewelry to sell to keep me in money for printing ink.

3. I work-shopped one of Mara’s poem’s, “My Life in 7 Episodes Involving My Hair,” over the phone the other day. While we were talking, she told me that since she doesn’t have a computer at home her girlfriend sometimes reads my blog entries over the phone to her.

4. Mara will be out of town and won’t be able to make it to the Spoken Word Open Mic this coming Saturday at Café Del Sol. She’s preparing a tape of her reading, and she asked me to set her boom box up by the microphone on a chair and play it.

5. While driving to town the other day, I rode by The Jacksonville Center for the Arts and the parking lot had 3 Honda CRVs parked in a row next to each other. I had to do a double take because it looked like a Honda car sales lot.

6. I also rode by a large red bow in the snow on the ground, which probably blew there from a nearby cemetery. It made the snow covered earth look like a present.

7. Some people I know don’t like to fly on planes. I’d rather fly than go into the code template of my blog and make changes.

8. Just before the weekend snow, it was reported that our Channel 10 weatherman was found nearly dead at his home from a heroin overdose. I can’t seem to stop thinking about this.

9. In and out our hands descend…into the drawstring bag…as if the letters in it were nuggets of gold…and we could be rich if only we could spell…Rumplestilskin! I hope I can finish the poem I’m working on “Playing Scrabble with Mara” before the spoken word night on Saturday. It’s in answer to the one she wrote for me. I wonder if I should tape it as I read and then send it to her?

10. I think people like Rush Limbaugh have taught the whole country bad manners. Name calling is lazy person’s way to stifle debate and to avoid thinking further about something.

11. Last week’s number 11 read: This space could be yours. Leave a good love quote in the comments and I’ll put it here. I got a lot of good love quotes from readers that day, like these two from Simply Coll: To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world. And….Forget love... I'd rather fall in chocolate!

12. I just finished answering interview questions on writing and blogging for Jake at “The Jake Silver Show. I plan to post them on Saturday. Here’s a sneak preview two sentences in answer to his question “What Made You Want to Start a Web Log?” I understand life by translating it into words. I needed a container for all my writing and a way to organize and cross-reference it.

13. I was nominated for a blog award at “One Woman’s World” under these categories: Best Writing, Most Inspiring, Most Thought Provoking, and Best Discussion. WOW. Thanks so much to those who nominated me, and as they say at the Oscars…just getting nominated feels like winning. The voting part of the contest has started and will last until February 20. Here.

Post Note:
Nicole is keeping the master 13 Thursday link list. She’s just the girl next door. My other 13 Thursdays can be found here. Photo? It's the side of my car.


hi colleen! I love your photo. after today, I should be able to do that up here too! I'm wishing for spring.

must say, I really liked the love quote about falling into chocolate. but then, I would.

funny about your signature. spell check is such a pain at times!

my TT are up (sorta).

have a great weekend!

If you ever need any help with HTML, give me a yell, but I won't be much help flying any planes anywhere! My 13 are up!

Great list as always. I've missed coming here. It's like taking a special little pill that makes me warm and cozy all over.

Missed ya, Colleen!

Yup, I agree with you on Rush Limbaugh. People who don't have the sharp wits to engage in a lively debate should not set themselves up to be in that situation. When a person doesn't have the wit, they resort to name calling.

I think Howard Stern is another radio personality that isn't doing the world much good in terms of manners.

My 13 are up.

Another great list. I love that the snow covered earth looked like a present.

I love that you would rather fly than change your codes in your template. That's funny. I agree!

The weatherman makes me sad. We never know people. Really know them. That's sad.

Thanks for stopping by!

Is the weatherman going to recover? How sad. These things really make me try harder to have a pleasant word or a smile or a handshake for those I meet, even strangers. You never know when your small kindess is all they've had that day and what a difference it might make.

Another great 13 picture!

And a great list. Have fun at open mic. I would like to see the rest of that scrabble poem when you finish.

I'm UP!

A very worthy collection of nominations, within a very impressive collection of nominees. You've got my vote!

You always see things in such an interesting way, I love the bow in the snow! Most people wouldn't even notice that, let alone think about it.

Thanks for stopping by, it's always a pleasure to come here...

Your weatherman report made me really sad. I always get teared up when I hear about people that give up on life and use drugs to not deal with the dips and bumps thrown at them. I think back to people from my past that couldn't handle life, and think about how much they are missing. Life isn't all sunshine. If it were, how would we know what the really great things were?

I had been watching that weatherman for years. I liked him because he seemed "mellow." So many others are so overly animated it's irritating. He was the head weatherman. At first rumors were that he was dead, but then that he's likely to recover. It was a strange predictament for the weather station.

Great list! Congrats on the nomination... that's awesome!

Got my TT up.

This is such an interesting list Colleen...thinking about that poor weatherman would not be easy to shake...almost every one of these made me think of something in my own world...that is what I call truly thought provoking...!

I just love coming here for a read! great list, mine are up...

Great list I like number 10! I voted for you over there too. My TT are up.

LIke the list....LOVE the graphic...

My 13: http://www.dcroe.com/blog.html

#7..I hear ya girl. I'd rather do most anything than that.

I voted for all my best bloggers....and I am not telling it is a secret ballot. xo

#3 was very touching!

Hi Colleen, I am so pleased that you liked my love quotes :-). Good luck with the blog award. You definitely have my vote.

As usual you have a fantastic 13 list and I always enjoy your creative ways to announce the list. The line from Playing Scrabble With Mara is really nice. Amy and I played scrabble on our date night last weekend and had a lot of fun. It was the first time she had ever played. Her words were creative, imaginative, and far superior to mine, but I got all the letters with big points and won.

I loved #7 especially. Very true. And Rush Limbaugh. Blech.
Good post.

Interesting thirteen. i'm looking forward to reading your poetry.

i have my first thursday thirteen post here: http://verabear.bravejournal.com/entry/16972

Hi, I wandered in here from a comment posted by OldOldLady, and was just charmed by the wedding story. Didn't know you were a TT-er. I laugh too about the spell-checker and names.

Stop by and visit my TT.

Very original TT logo. I'm here on Saturday, via Michele, and after you'd been skipped by someone on Michele's. My TT was also posted on Thursday and its about the twelfth time I did it. I shall be interested to see your poerty and to look for the Dylanesque infleunces you referenc in your Saturday post.


love your thursday 13 pix! great one considering all the snow that's been falling in the east!!!!

i'm a T13'er too but here from michele's tonight!

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