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One Thing or Another

I sit when others are standing…I lay when they sit…Arriving last and leaving first…I lean on walls to look less suspicious…I walk when others are running…I stop when they keep going… ~ Colleen

My husband, Joe, headed down to Roanoke Sunday morning with a young man that he’s taken under his wing, to hear Bo Lozoff speak at the Unitarian Universalist Church. He has met Bo, author and founder of The Prison Ashram Project, a couple of times before and considers him to be a mentor. I wanted to meet Bo too. I read his newsletter and have a deep respect for the service work he does. Not only does he teach meditation practice to prison inmates, but he is a compelling speaker, an accomplished musician, and he and his wife head up “The Human Kindness Foundation” in North Carolina, where they live.

I reminded my husband how hard it is to get me to do anything first thing in the morning, especially if church is involved (having already filled my church quota as a girl). But the real reason I didn’t go to meet Bo was that I had already made plans with my women friends to hear a Celtic Band that was playing right here in Floyd that evening. Due to the fact that I’m in ongoing recovery from Chronic Fatigue, I can’t do two events in one day. I suffer from sensory overload much quicker than other people do. If I got out in the daytime, I generally don’t have enough energy to go out at night, and if I am going out at night, I need to precede it with a low key day with the right combination of food and rest.

Joe came home from his long day in Roanoke just as I was getting ready to go out, and his enthusiasm was infectious. As he raved about Bo’s talk, of which the theme was “Going Deeper,” I began to feel the sense of a missed opportunity and doubted that I had made the right choice; the Celtic band over Bo’s talk.

“It’s like choosing one of my sons over the other,” I complained to Joe, feeling bad about my own limitations, just as a horn beeped outside, signaling that my ride had arrived. To be continued…


There are always choices we look back on with a little twinge of regret. I remember in ninth grade when my mom got tickets to the opera in Chicago and wanted to take me. I was at that age where an outing with a parent was the next worse thing to acne and begged off. I think it hurt her deeply and we have never had the opportunity since. Hopefully we will be able to see my brother perform at the Met in another few years, and be able to do it together.

That happens. I have a big week coming up and have decided not to accept some invitations. I have to rest. I look forward to the next installment.

I hope you had a good time...

Chosing between two positive options can be as difficult as having to chose between to bad ones. I hope you had a great time with your friends. Hopefully you will have another chance to catch Bo’s talk.

I hate when there are two things that you would like to do, but can only do one, whatever the reasons...I know it's because I'm fully aware that I am going to miss something either way! Making these choices is always very hard for me...
It would be grerat if you had the energy for two events in one day, but...
And hopefully, there will be another opportunity to here Bo speak in the near future...

Too bad Joe couldn't have taped it for you. Is that what you're going to say in part 2?
At any rate...waiting for tomorrow's chapter.

I'm looking forward to hearing more too! Next time, come on into Roanoke and set aside some time to visit with us! Don't expect a clean house, but do expect to be the center of four children's attention! We'd love a visit from you!!!

Becky and I used to attend that UU church. I loved it.

Yes, Chris, the UU church is very cool. I won't be posting the next continuation until Friday. and Tammy, I'd love to visit sometime (but I'd probably get lost trying to find you). Dylan lives in Roanoke too.

Hi Colleen! Got me, Ill be back for the rest.

If you can find the hospital, you can find me! I have a horrible time with directions, but getting here is pretty simple.;)

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