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Happy Birthday Kathy! January 29th

kathandcolleen.jpg A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip. ~Author Unknown

My sister Kathy is a pioneer. She home-schooled before I did, had a blog before I did, and many of the life-changing books on my book shelf are ones she turned me on to. I learned how to make chicken soup from scratch using the bones of the chicken from her. I can’t sew, hook or braid rugs like she can. I never had a homebirth, like she did. We share an interest in politics and are both 5 on the ennegram. kathy&colleen.pngShe’s an Aquarius and I’m a Taurus. Although she is 2 years older than me, when we were little girls people would sometimes mistake us for twins. My mother would dress her in red clothes and me in blue ones. The older we get, the more I think we are beginning to look like twins again.

Post note:
To read more about “The Blogger Sisters” and to view a photo of us blogging side by side, go here. And don’t forget to check out Kathy’s blog, A Persistent Point of View.


Colleen! I'm so honored by this entry. Thank you very much. I guess I'm speechless. All I can tell you right now is that I'm all smiles.
Oh...and funny, I'm wearing blue in the picture you posted - something I do often, but yes, ma did always dress me in clothes from the red family of colors, and yours were always in the blue family. Cute.
Wanna borrow my blouse? LOL. (note: Colleen just told me yesterday that she already has the same blouse).
Thanks again for this one. Love, Kathy

One more thing...I have indeed learned so much from you too. Speaks to the Universal principle, and that is; when you teach (and or give) something to another, it automatically comes back to you. Again, I repeat: I have learned much from you my sweet sister.

Happy Birthday MOM! Very cute entry Coll. :) I especially love that picture of you when you were little girls. Love you both!

What an adorable picture and of course it brings tears to my eyes!!!
I love my 2 older sisters dearly and am glad they are here on this earth with me xoxoxoox

I wanted to use another photo. The one when we were teenagers in the yard at Spring St. (blue shorts and maroon sleeveless top). We really looked like twins in it, but I couldn't find it at Ma's house and neither could Sherry when she looked. Next time I'll post one of us both wearing that blouse!

Kathy's birthday is actually tomorrow, Jan. 29th, but I usually take Sunday's off from blogging...so I posted it today. xo

Happy Birthday to your dear sister Kathy!

Michele sent me.

Happy Birthday to sister Kathy. My brother's birthday was also this week and come to think of it, my ex-mother-inlaw has her birthday tomorrow to. I must ask Nyssa if she sent her grandma a card. Have a great day!

Happy Birthday Kathy, and may you have many more!


Great post! I'm going to visit your sister's blog right now.

You're such a good sister. I wish all of us were as close with our own siblings.

Happy birthday (early) to your sister!

Happy birthday to your sister! Mine is 5 years younger than I am, my little sister is 42. I miss her dearly because we have an ocean and half a continent between us. Lucky me, there is internet nowadays!

Happy Birthday! My husband's birthday was yesterday.

You still look so much alike. I wish I could convince my sister to start her own blog. She lives 1000's of miles away and I would love to read of her daily thoughts and happenings.

Very lovely post in honor of your sisters birthday. I'll have to go over and wish her a happy one "in person". Found you via Michele's...

Happy Birthday to your dear sister Kathy...and many many more...! I'm going to go over there and wish her Happy B. myself!

I kind of came here today from Michele...but not really! (lol)

Happy birthday, Kathy! The photos and tribute are wonderful.

You certainly do look alike. Fabulous BD wishes from me too.

I didn't know chicken soup was made from the bones...eew. You do favor alot. My sister and are completely different complexions and only have the same bone structure...but that's okay we are still buddies!

Great pictures - both then and now! YOu are lucky to have such a wonderful sister, and she is just as blessed to have you. I would love to have a sister, and especially to have the type of relationship the two of you seemt to have.

How wonderful to have such a close relationship. Obviously something neither of you take lightly. Happy Birthday Kathy.

My day was made special because of all the wishes coming from Colleen's readers. Thank you all.
Yes, Colleen and are are close - aside from distance. I love her dearly. And hey, even though no one said it...I will..she's prettier by far and a much better writer. I thank her daily for her book about my brothers. I could never have gotten that out of me, but what it did was make me want to write (I'm having fun playing with it at my blog). I thank Colleen for the inspiration and so much more.
As for the chicken soup - using the carcus of the chicken, to make the broth, will not only make your soup taste better; it'll be healthier. The good stuff from the bones seep into the soup (if you see a lot of jell you'll know you've gotten the good stuff). It's an excellent source of calcium and it is assimilated easily. Edgar Cayce often suggested pulverized chicken bones as a dietary supplement. I haven't gone to that extreme, but I just might some day (as my arthritis seems to be growing worse). Chewing on the bones is second best. I have done that.
Hey, this is almost a blog entry!
Anyway...thanks again for the birthday wishes.

I wish my sisters blogged!

happy birthday..mine too...53 and living it up..also I have a sister named cathy and a sister named molly....

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