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Caught Red-Handed

1. Caught red handed.
2. Pretty in pink
3. Hands up! This is a stick-up
4. Simon says: Do this.

_________________ fill in your own caption.

Photo: Sunday walk on a Blue Ridge Parkway trail. Joe wants to take my picture and says, “Take your hands out of your pocket. I want to see your gloves.”


Having four small children...my first thought was, "I didn't do it!" ;)

What a beautiful place you have to walk and live in...

Chipmunk says to girl in photo "Hands up and give me your trailmix and no one gets hurt!"

Look, I told you I didn't stick my gloves in the peanut butter!

I used to take that walk. I miss it! Michele sent me today.

"I just saw the biggest deer! Really, I did. It was a buck and looked like this."
or "Just ten more minutes, okay? Ten more minutes and we can start back."
or my favorite "ba ha ha ha ha , I'm going to push you right off this mountain!"

Colleen gets caught with her hands in the strawberry jam.

"Stop! In the name of love,
Before you break my heart!"
Colleen doing her rendition of the famous Diana Ross song.

These are all great! I just thought of another one. My mother raised 9 kids and one of her trademark sayings, said in an exsaperated voice, was: "I only have 2 hands!" So the caption could read, "I only have 2 hands. See!"

Here's my impression of a mime taking a walk in the mountains! Doesn't it look like I'm stuck in a box?

Can I play out here for 10 more minutes?

"I have 10 fingers and I am NOT saying a word"!!!!

No matching gloves...

People keep mentioning Michele. Who? Leave me a link, please. By the way, I gave you a brief mention today.

Well, one time I walked into a bank and yelled, "Don't stick around...this is a mess up!"

Your pink gloves really bring out the pink in the background. Nice.

here's a caption:

"I swear I saw a bear, and he looked just like this!"

"Do you see me holding anything in these hands???"

(Synch. once again...I'm posting a photo tomorrow that I want people to GUESS or WRITE A STORY about what it is...! HA HA!!! And here I said I'd never had any synch.....Was I ever wrong! lol)

Jazz Hands!

Talk to the hands.

Simon says? Or charades?
As soon as I saw the picture I thought of this one:

-- which to my mind blows the lid right off the cuteness scale....

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