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The Comedy of Scrabble

maraandbruce.jpgLunchtime at the Café Del Sol…

Bruce to Mara: What are you doing?!
Mara: It’s the Scrabble box, Bruce. See if you can balance it on your head.
Bruce: You guys have way too much time on your hands.
Mara: What?! I’m a full-time student and single parent.
Bruce: Well, too much imagination then.
Colleen: Scrabble is just a premise for our real work. Hold still for a minute, Bruce, while I get this shot. We’re going to blog you!

As Mara and I begin our game at the next table, we hear Bruce lean over to his friend John and say, “Scrabble? Isn’t that the game where you come up with words?”


Thats Cute! Michele sent me this morning.

I am really enjoying your words, I am new here. Yesterday you had me in tears with the moving tribute to your dad, now a big grin over the guy's description of Scrabble! Thanks.

Thanks, Karen. I've visited your site too and have tried to comment but it doesn't allow non-blogger.com comments! I like the penguins.

Thanks for visiting earlier, Colleen. I've been looking around; I'm so sorry about your father. I hope your good memories of him sustain you during the holidays.

Nothing that exciting ever happens at our local diner.
Have a nice weekend.

Poor Bruce, to be picked on so but what a good sport. Have a safe and restful weekend.

LOL, that's a great shot :-)

I wonder if you can use the word blog in Scrabble--has it made the official dictionary yet?

Looks like adventures in pizza delivery to me. Bruce is a great (and now famous!) sport.

Hey, isn't that John's "Billygoat" Bruce?
One more of floyd's colorful characters hanging at one more of floyd's cool spots for eclectic mixing of oddfellas.
Guess, i've got too much time on my hands today too, cuz i'm catching up on your blog instead of my case notes.

LOL, LOL, LOL! Delightful Colleen...Michele sent me, but I would have come on my own...I invoked your name today with the "LIAR LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE" Post of my own....check it out!

Great picture, sorry it took me a while to post this comment because I got caught up the posts about your father. Very moving. I'm sorry about your loss.

Michele sent me this time. I will be back on my own.

This looks like a fun afternoon.

Reminds me of a wedding I attended this summer. The waiter carried all the trays on his head, then culminated his act by dancing to Brick House still balancing a tray full of cake.

Your scrabble games look like fun.

At my sister's Christmas party tonight (Deana, your first commenter today), your website was a topic of conversation. She didn't know that you were from Floyd or that your site is one of our favorites. But Amy and I both noticed that she had commented earlier. Small world.
Her husband is a writer too. He has two books published and is working on his third. The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living and Plain Heathen Mischief.
The photo is really cute.

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