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Like Mother Like Daughter

marakyla2.jpgMara came over to break in the new Deluxe Lazy Susan Scrabble game that I got for Christmas from my son Dylan. She brought me a gift. It was something of Elliot’s (our mutual friend that passed away in November) that she had set aside for me when she and some other friends were closing down Elliot’s house.

“I knew this was for you and that you would love it,” she said as she handed me…another kaleidoscope! And she was right. I squealed with excitement when I looked through the scope, but my mood soon turned serious when I remembered the time Elliot and I were playing Scrabble and he showed me the very same kaleidoscope. marakyla.jpg

Kyla, Mara’s young daughter, was with her, carrying a new video game station that I forget the name of and that we could not figure out how to hook up to my TV. The big outside trampoline didn’t work out either because it was covered with ice and snow. She finally settled down with paper and crayons, although what she really wanted to do was to play Scrabble with us.

Mara used the crayons too, to draw colorful doodles into her new artist’s sketch pad whenever it was my turn. I was losing, and so I didn’t have the luxury to doodle or jot down notes in my notebook, like I usually do. With all vowels and one consonant (all 1 pointers) for most of the game, I barely had time to sip the green tea getting cold in my cup. Mara had a huge jug of coffee (white container with red rim in the first photo above) A player’s advantage, I wondered?

By the end of the game, I was asking Kyla, who was sporting the same haircut as her mom, for some help. But I still lost.

Post Note:
My recent blog entry about my son Josh's clay excavation was linked to on the front page of the online Roanoke Times this week. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view it.


Oh I love that turntable Scrabble game. I bought one for OUR family way back when. I wonder whatever happened to it? Oh Yea in MAINE they have Scrabble scratch tickets!! I know you would love them. LOVE YOU XO

I found the link at The Times, very cool.

Your description of Dylan's heart with the Monopoly example from the post you linked to reminds me of my son Jackson. It crushes him if he is forced to use a Sorry card on his mom when we play Sorry. He is competitive with me during games, but more of a sympathetic team-mate when playing his mother.

Wow, a Deluxe Lazy Susan Scrabble game .. this sounds like the perfect gift. Your afternoon game sounds like a lot of fun.

Games, Nyssa has informed us that she wants to play Scatagories tonight. (She knows her uncle is not good at this game) Family game night will commence...between football games. What fun!

ah - Scrabble.....the basis of hundreds of arguments in our house....along with Monopoly :-)

Michele sent me :-)

Just dropping by to wish you all the best in the coming new year ...and here today courtesy of Michele!

Maybe you ought to go back to the old game board...haha...only kidding. We've put my lazy-susan style board to use often. I think I've had it for over 20 years. Sami, just 12, is very competitive and won't put down her letters down (until forced to "hurry up") if they don't score her big points. Can make for a very long game, but it's fun. How old is Kyla? She's cute.

I don't know how old Kyla is...I'm guessing 8. Maybe Mara will come by and correct me if I'm wrong.

I have a PC game of scrabble. It cuts down on my husband accusing me of making up words. Happy New Year!

Bora (Coturnix) started a meme game and "tagged" me. I'm tagging you and 3 others. Look at my 12-30 post and see if you want to play. Then "tag" 4 more people. The questions are fun.

I love my swivel Scrabble set! Now if I could just find someone who would play it with me......

I wish you the best 2006 that you could possibly have, dear Colleen...Happy, Heathy and filled with love.
See you in 2006!

Wonderful gift of the kaleidoscope -- a way to carry Elliot and his magic with you.
I do think coffee gives an advantage....

PS: Just found a Scrabble pictures group on Flickr:

That sounds like a fabulous day!

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