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Potter Son Who Loves The Red Sox

potter son 3.png

My eldest son, Josh, loves the Red Sox, which is unusual for a Virginian living in North Carolina and has something to do with the fact that his parents come from Boston. My son has a lot of heart, which makes him a good candidate for being a Red Sox fan. It takes someone with heart to have unconditionally loved the Red Sox throughout their long and cursed losing streak.

When Josh was a little boy, I told how I had once met Carl Yastrzemski, the all-time great Red Sox player (1961 - 1983). The Yaz, as he was sometimes called back then, had come into the boutique on Tremont Street in Boston where I was working. It didn't mean that much to me, not being a sports fan myself. I was only nineteen and probably wasn't even that sure of who he was. But my son could hardly believe it was true, that I met Carl Yastrzemski. "Mum! Why didn't you get his autograph for me?!" he shouted excitedly.

"But Josh," I answered, trying to explain, "I didn't know I was going to grow up to have a boy like you!"

To view my son's pottery, google his name "Josh Copus." Website coming soon...


Hello, Michele sent me! (although this is not my first visit!) :)

I'm loving that gorgeous teenage pic of you a few posts back.

Love the picture! Off to check the clay bits...Welcome home.

Hi Colleen - Michele sent me. Everyone should have a fire keeping alchemist in the family, dontcha think?

LOL...makes me think of my daughters and my husband. Baylee was just watching an episode of "Full House" (her favorite) that included footage of a Beach Boys concert. Turns out hubby, coincidentally, was at that concert. Who was to know that 10 or 15 years later, he would have a daughter who adored "Full House" and would have killed for an autograph from DJ or Stephanie (but could care less about The Beach Boys). :)

Visiting via Michele...nice place you have here!

Thanks for stopping by my site via Michele. I hope your son gets to meet all his baseball heroes one day.

What a handsome devil!

Howdie there, I just happened to find this site when googling Josh's pottery. I'm at UNCA now, studying ceramics, and love it, and Josh's work gives a heave dose of inspiration to me. Looks like the new house is coming along nicely! Cheers... Hannah

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