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Michael Gucciardo is Back!

mg.gif ~ The following was published in The Floyd Press on January 28, 2010.

Those familiar with the culinary talents of Michael Gucciardo have waited five years for him to come back home to Floyd. A native New Yorker, Michael learned how to cook authentic Italian food from his father and other family members born in Italy. Although he has cooked in Virginia restaurants throughout the region, his Floyd following of fans was formed during his many years as chef (and sometime co-owner) of The Pine Tavern Restaurant.

Gucciardo's new place, called Mickey G's Italian Bistro and Pizzeria, was packed on Saturday night, just two nights after the restaurant's opening. One table of twelve was there to celebrate Gucciardo's return. A Frank Sinatra recording played in the background. Neighbors greeted each other, as waiters (mostly Gucciardo family members) hustled by carrying dishes that showed off Gucciardo's knack with capers, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, olive oil, garlic, and roasted red peppers. mickeygjo4.gif

Some diners couldn't resist craning their necks to see menu offerings at other tables. There were mussels, fried squid, swordfish, antipasto salad, meatballs, pizza, focaccia bread, and dishes with names that were hard to pronounce, such as rapini salsiccia (pasta with broccoli raab and Italian sausage).

The portions were hearty and affordable, and the ambience in the bistro was lively. At one point Gucciardo came into the dining room area and customers toasted and applauded him. It was obvious by the turnout and the warm reception he received that Floyd is glad to have Gucciardo back in town.

Post Notes: Mickey G's is located next to the Floyd Fitness Center on Parkview Road. Menu listing and other information can be found at the Mickey G's website. A short video clip of Gucciardo interacting with diners on Saturday night can be found HERE.


Can't wait to get up there for it!

This post is making me hungry!! I think Joe looks great in that picture. He looks like he belongs in Ireland. xoxo

How appropriate that this would be located next to the fitness center!!!

Ha ha ... Good eye, Tabor!

Sherry, we'll eat there when you come for Floydfest this summer! Oh, Michael was the one who cooked for my pre-wedding dinner at the Pine. Do you remember that?

I remember it and can't get over it!!?
All of Joe's family were there too....am I right. xo

That looks like a wonderful place to eat, especially surrounded by your neighbors and friends. I clicked through to their website and was so impressed by the prices. It's rare to find a place with gourmet offerings at such reasonable prices. Around here, you'd probably pay twice as much. Which is why we almost never go out to eat.

That looks like a "Happening" Place, Colleen...I bet the food is GREAT! And it is perfect that it is right next to The Fitness Center! Eat Heartily and then Go Work Out! (lol)

I enjoyed reading your list. Happy Thursday!

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