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13: The Lorax Lives Here

1. Near the Florida border in Georgia, in a rustic whimsical setting, is a Treehouse Hostel that Joe and I just visited. The 130 acres of swampy forest and community reminds me of an Ewok village.
2. Inside a geometric dome wood building is the hostel common room where a wall is decorated with photos of past hostel managers and visitors. There are musical instruments for guests to play on around the community woodstove, which on this day was burning.
3. The last time I was this delighted was when I first saw wildcraft herbalist Susun Weed’s "Amusing Muse Museum" in Woodstock, New York, a room with wall to wall postcards and pictures of inspiring women.
4. Our tour guide was Ken (pictured left and right).
5. When Ken told us there were seven treehouses, I asked, “One for each dwarf?” He laughed.
6. A meditation bench overlooking a duck pond, a rope swing, a lake, and a labyrinth are all part of the hostel in the forest.
7. Even the bathhouse is beautiful. There’s also a craft room so that guests can explore their inner artist.
8. Arugula and greens were growing in the hostel garden. This is what Ken called a chicken tractor, a portable bottomless pen that can be moved around the property.
9. The glass house is considered sacred space, as is the sweat lodge, and a labyrinth.
10. The honeymoon treehouse was named for the couple who built it while on their honeymoon.
11. I want my own poetry mailbox. I love that the flag is up on this one.
12. If your cell phone rings while you’re at the treehouse hostel you’ll get tossed in the pool, Ken told us.
13. A garden bed.

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Wow. This looks like such a kewl place. Thanks for sharing the pics.

These are awesome pics...I've actually heard of this place...I had a friend from Australia who stayed here...how delightful to see pics. What a hoot. Looks like you had a oood visit. I really like the vibe of your blog

Here is my Tt list:



Wow, this place looks wonderful! Hope you had fun!

As many times as I have visited Florida I have never heard about or seen this place. Certainly a place to write home about.

Wow! What a great place to stay. I'd never want to leave.

Leave it you to expose interesting and heretofore unknown places in my state!

Great pics! It looks like a fun place to visit :) Happy TT

WOW!! I can't get over how much this reminds me of you. Remember when you lived in a bus in the woods? xo
PS I am glad you are having fun in the warm weather, here in MA it is going to be 7 degrees tomorrow and snow is on it's way today.

What a fun list! I love the garden bed, and I had wondered what a chicken tractor looked like. Didn't seem all that big--not as large as I had imagined, anyway. Happy TT!

I'd never heard of this place and have to say, it's really quite unique. Very unusual and I bet it was a fun place to stay, not to mention lots of good energy.

What a cool place! I need to start finding hostels to stay in when I travel!

Ooo, Ashikos Djembes, and Dumbeks! I love drums.

I would like to spend at least a week here but they only have 3 night stays available. Now we are on to some luxury vacationing in an old villa style home in Orlanldo, thanks to a friend who has offered it.

I wish I was there with you! So does Kyla.

this was great fun to see. i lived in georgia, most of that time in atlanta, until 2003. never heard of this place. friends and family in brunswick have never mentioned it either. next time we are in the area we will check it out. thanks for sharing. have a wonderful vacation. :)

May the Forest be With You! ~love it

What a wonderful 'tour' T-13 ... methinks I'd like a poetry mail box too ... and a headboard with a painted tree. I finally got around to pulling together a T-13 after taking a few months off. Hope you'll find time to visit.
Hugs and blessings,

Colleen, that place is too cool! I would have loved to know about it before we moved from Fl or even TN as we would have been close enough to go for a week-end...

But from NH it is a haul!!! I hope there is more to see and hear about...

Way cool!!!! Where did you find out about this place? I went through Brunswick some years ago, but didn't know of the existence of this place ....

Joe heard about them through the people who live at Earthsong in Stuart VA.

That's an incredible spot. What a find!

What an incredible place to visit. Thanks for sharing the pics.

That would be something for me !! It's really very nice and so special !

I saw a tree house hotel in some place like Costa Rica in a travel magazine once and thought how cool it would be to visit someplace like that. I really like this destination spot and I love that you get tossed for the cell! I rarely use mine. I just don't like them as much as the rest of the world. Keep having fun.

I think I saw something about the tree house hotel on HGTV, or maybe it was Travel Channel. Who knows? But it looks cool - though I wouldn't want to "rough it" like that. ;)

Hey, I'm making the rounds today, telling people about the new book, and how it's now for sale. I've got a contest going next weekend, and hope you'll stop by. The List

tree houses are THE way to go

I love mine

here from Netchick's

hey colleen! did chris and i tell you about this place? we've been going for years (usually on our way to or from florida) - i heard about it from an English girl i met when i was traveling in Guatemala years ago. we love it so much. thanks for the great piece & pics.

I want to go there! No, I want to start one here!


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