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That’s Hot

spices3.jpgThe following was written from the Sunday Scribblings prompt “spicy.”

What do you do on the hottest day of the year?

You could go to your local health food store and stock up on hot cayenne pepper because you gave your supply to your son for his construction site first aid kit. You know that cayenne can stop bleeding better than anything else, that its sting is never abrasive. You like to put a few drops of its tincture into an eye cup full of water to treat dry eyes, and you know that it can prevent heart attack as well or better than an aspirin, so you don’t want to be without it.

You’re committed to getting some cayenne, even knowing that you have to drive the seven miles to town in the truck camper because your husband took your car to work. But it’s okay, you figure, because you can use the camper fridge to store the vanilla ice cream also on your list. You wear your bathing suit under your clothes because it’s hot and the country club pool is open.

The air conditioning in the store is running full blast, so you take the time to linger at the bulk herb counter. Whole, root, seed, powder, you notice a couple of herbs you’ve never heard of before, like schinsandra and cubeb. You think of the little girl you know whose middle name is Lavender and coolpoolplay.jpg imagine what other poetic sounding herbs would make nice names for children, as you bag up your cayenne and resist the urge to sneeze.

“Marco Polo! Marco Polo!” the kids splashing around in the pool call out, causing you to think of the explorer who traveled the world in search of discoveries and exotic spices.

By now the day has heated-up to sizzling. Stretched out on a lounge chair, you sip a cold drink and prepare to immerse yourself in the cool blue pool water. The first dunk of the year on the hottest day so far gives an otherwise routine day a refreshing tropical twist.


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Colleen -

I enjoyed reading your post here. I love cayenne pepper, all types of peppers for that matter -- but I had no idea of the medicinal uses of cayenne. You can learn a great deal out here in the blogosphere.

Sorry to hear it is so hot there. Here in Portland Oregon it's in the 60's and drizzling a bit -- but it never really gets very hot or very cold here in the Willamette Valley.

In closing, thank you for visiting my blog, Image & Verse. Please stop by again anytime -- the door is never locked. ;)

I love the way this unfolds, Colleen...I felt like I was with you every step of the way...I have heard the Cayenne is quite amazing but you mentioned some things that I did not know!
The pool looks delightful...Do you underrstand "Marco-Polo"? I cou;d never get what it is ALL about...lol!
Sounds like a lovely day, my dear.

I liked how you just took a slice of life and encorporated the idea into it. I had no idea you could use cayenne in so many ways. I thought maybe it was in pepper spray or something. Being a tatoo and body piercing lover, I enjoy the sting of a bit of alcohol on a cut. I know I will never have any pain like a woman has during childbirth in my life so I figure I should learn to put up with some things so I can understand my wife a bit better later on. Great post!

Hi Colleen I use Cayenne pepper in Tuna Casserole,and didnt relize it had so many uses.too cold to swim here 13c is forecast for tomorrow..enjoy your swim then get that icecream home.

Wonderful post - had no idea that cayenne pepper could help prevent a heart attack. And I like the reference to Marco Polo and the spices to which he was introduced in his travels.

Wow, I didn't know cayenne pepper can do all that! I enjoyed reading your post, it was almost like I was there to watch you.

Echo the others - no clue cayenne pepper was good for such medicinal needs. Now I will have to get some. I wonder if you can use it daily like an aspirin as a preventative? I will have to look it up!

Turmeric too stops bleeding if applied directly on a wound. It is anticeptic too.

Spices are good for health. If taken moderately those can prevent many diseases.

Great post!

Hey Colleen, Michele sent me to you this afternoon...I was thinking about Cayenne and how little we use it in our every day cooking...And I'm not sure why. I know as a child I cannot even remember my mother or grandmother talking about it in regards to recipes....Well, that certainly is very different today!

Now I know what caused Tiff's face to turn beet red as soon as she began to eat her nachos at Moe's on Friday!

What has happened to me? I see your title and immediately think of Paris Hilton. Yuck. My brain has turned to mush.

I love Marco Polo! And I had no idea about all those cayenne pepper things. I've always been afraid of it.

I gather it was rather hot there today!!!
Cool about cayenne!

I heard Marco Polo yelps today for the first time this season!! It made me smile, as did your post....

will stock up on Cayenne.....

thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment....I love the whole sunday scribblings process....it allows for new connections every week.....

have a great week.

Just reading your slice of life made me feel hot and sticky!

I didn't know all those things about cayenne pepper. Hope you got to enjoy the ice cream after your swim. Sounds like a perfect weekend day.

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