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Secret Identity

shadow%26rock.jpg If you google the word “secret,” you’ll discover, like I did, that the Law of Attraction DVD “The Secret” has overtaken “Post Secret” for most popular clicked on site. You’ll be surprised to learn that Secret Deodorant is more popular than Victoria’s Secret. You might start repeating the Secret Deodorant jingle … but secret is for women … while you consider whether or not to click on the Victoria’s Secret site and see what the models are wearing … or not. You follow the trail of intrigue on to pages on the secret service, secret worlds, and secret recipes. You might whisper the word “secret” as you click and remember the time you were someone’s Secret Santa or the time you fooled everyone on Halloween with your disguise.

If you google the word “secret identity” you could uncover a video of the same name and be held captive for five or ten minutes watching while thinking about Superman and Clark Kent and wondering what it’s like to live a double life. If your husband comes in the room you can ask him, “what’s your secret identity?”

“What do you mean? What’s yours?"

"I don’t think I have one.”

“Neither do I."

"But I know what Victoria’s Secret is?”


“Most everything they sell is made from polyester but priced as if it was silk. You pay a high price just to look at their models.”

All of this leads me to deduce that my secret identity is a detective.

Post secret: The above was the result of a lead found as Sunday Scribblings where more secret identitites are revealed.


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The fence post in your shadow photo is in a rather suggestive spot.

Oh! I didn't notice that and I think I might change it. Thanks!

Those new seamless Victoria's secrets bras are the bomb...just the bomb. And let me tell you my girls are about as high and tight as they have ever been in that thing! (I love that store)

I wish my secret identity was Mrs. Batman.

And I hope you know that all the nice comments about you in today's posts are not just flattery but I mean them sincerely.

I can only sleep in silk (it regulates temperature the best) and I'm always looking for silk nightshirts of which VS has none. I'll have to check out their bras...seamless...and underwire?

I'll be over soon!

Heh. Hehhehe.

I like your take on this prompt. You did a wonderful job expounding on the word "Secret Identity". And I guess one thing that made me love this post (aside from your creative, talented writing) is the fact that I could relate to many of the things you said..yes, I googled the word "secret identity" even before I read this,..and yes, I also googled "The Secret" (which by the way I do not agree to her thinking), I do use Victoria Secret bras and panties (and yes, they are way too expensive, a price my husband is willing to pay so that I would hopefully look like those Victoria Secret models - LOL!)

This I call findings about open secrets..LOL!

Yes, the Secret is taking over the world lately, much in the same way the Divinci Code did.
Really good post!
I enjoyed reading this different take on it!

I wonder what the popularity of the two sites "The Secret" and "Post Secret" really means about us all!

Come see the shop when you can; I'd be delighted!

cute take on the prompt! I've been hearing all the talk about the secret but still haven't picked up a copy.

LOL, I agree with your husband! I do know a secret about Victoria's models, they air brush certain parts for the bras to fit better. So its not our miss-shappen bodies, it's the fact we don't air brush our photographs...hehe

I've ordered the odd thing from Victoria's Secret but was kinda disappointed in the sweatshirt..it stretched out and became really haggy really soon!

I love that I am not the only one that is downright fed up with Victoria's secret.
I am such a 'googler' too.

from the ads in magazines and on TV, i think victoria's "secret" is airbrushing...... :)

Your shadow picture made me think of my shadow pic from a while back:
Now I'm off to watch that video. ;-)


I'm having so much fun reading about secret identities that I burnt my toast! This is great.

This is very creative, Colleen! We should name you as our resident detective; seeking secrets from the web!

I love how you got from "secret" to The Secret, etc, etc, etc....I have always thought that Vicyoria's SEcrets stuff was kind of cheesy looking and that the materials LOOKED cheesy, too...Glad to know I was right and that it wasn't just blond prejudice...(LOL)
And I love your conversation with Joe and then, your Conclusion, Madame Poirot!

A detective - great idea!

i like the idea of a detective following the trail of secrets!
You got me thinking about the way secrets are used in adverts and the media: they are used to make us feel like one of the "privileged few", part of the coterie of confidantes. How does it ever work?! I guess it's one of those strange but wonderful things about human nature!

Good things come from ruminating around a word. Victoria's Secret's secret is out.

I replied to the thinking blogger meme.

This is really interesting, I like hte approach you took.

I can't seem to get into that store but the catalog keeps coming and hubby loves it. :) You nailed that secret detective!

I love your take on Victoria's Secret. I've been waiting for someone to say that out loud. I should have known you would!!

It's interesting that I wrote the secret identity post about being "out" as far as blogging goes, but at the same time had just changed my avatar to a photo similar to yours.

I didn't think of it as an identity issue. I just got sick of seeing my smiling face all over people's comments!

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